When people are more concerned with art and making money from it, than the lives of human beings. You know we’ve come to a crossroads in this country.

As an artist? I get the overwhelming desire to create. But at what expense to the people you abuse to create art and line your pockets. People out here talking about careers as artists. Hurting for not one need at all. Fully supported off hoeing.

The message that sends to women is: as long as you wear booty shorts, strip, engage in prostitution, do your makeup and hair, be “feminine”, you will be rewarded. Even if everything you create is stolen.

I don’t do all that — not just because I’m not comfortable with it. But as a form of resistance. If you don’t like me with no weave, a nappy head of hair, no makeup, no high heels, no fat ass, medium sized boobs, no booty shorts, no plastic surgery, just me. Fully clothed. The way I was created. Chillin or working. Then you don’t love me. You love an idea of who a woman can be just being herself. Sans the extras.

You love my lifestyle. And that’s not enough. For any human being. People desire to be loved for who they are and the good they do in the world. Not for an image of who they could be.

Which is why I don’t bother taking too many pictures. What you see is not the essence of who I am. That’s internal.

And I’m not hiding either. I’m just not all that invested in the physical and material beyond a healthy comfortable lifestyle.

And I want that for my kids as well. For them to not feel fear in escaping the oppression this country participates in for others around the globe, so that those same children have to run here. Only to get caught in a firestorm they did not create and are not responsible for. While people are worried about “art”, and who’s black and who’s white, and who’s not.

Their lives matter to me. All children’s lives matter to me. Not your singular child. Mommies. All children.

Teachers have favorites no doubt. We’re human. Do we discriminate against children? Not this one. And we do our best to work with family and community so that your kids get the best we have to offer.

I bet hip hop didn’t expect me to be a teacher. A real human being. Just an entity to abuse. She’s an obscure artist only.

No. I’m a teacher of marginalized and disenfranchised children. This isn’t abuse the teacher for your hoe moment art profits. Nobody’s interested in your man. Nobody wants your money. Nobody cares about your unrighteous living.

Ain’t no lemonade. Just rotten apples. Who can’t seem to do anything but capitalize on other people. Because what? Jay Z shows up in Malibu at the same time I’m there? Because I’m “Becky wit the good hair”.

Or because Barack Obama likes waves in the ocean. And scoping mixed black women?

Not interested in those men.

Don’t you know, a man who will cheat on his own wife will cheat on his side hoe as well?

And guess what I’ve never been?

A side hoe. I don’t get down like that. I demand respect from men. I treat you the way I want to be treated. You treat me like trash? Then you get a book full of what’s wrong with your lifestyle.

You never treat a good woman who lets you know she’s not a hoe. Like a hoe. Plenty of hoes. Find one. She’s not your temporary weekend fix. Like her life is unimportant. And any woman fuckin wit another woman’s man, or encouraging that shit? Cuz they are so insecure in themselves or their own relationship?

Should get rid of that nigga.

He’s worthless.

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