when poets spit healing, instead of anger and h*****

this is what i listen to…this is the new black arts movement. listen to the poem. it’s discussing —


(on the record, after i listened to that other dude’s poem about being afraid of my ancestors in the ocean…meaning, don’t go swimming in it? i was done with him. lol. i’ve been swimming in the ocean since i was a very little kid. i know how to swim. well. and my ancestors? have always protected me… these women are still going at it too. i’m laughing because i know that righteousness and genuine love? always win. and that the more i show love, the more they will love me…and the more they will love their partners. and appreciate them. :) it’s reciprocity of the supreme kind. righteous men who conquer demons. focus on what jericho is saying. he’s a beautiful poet.)


Tarrus is right :)

tell them…truth.

that’s me. meaning, i created it. all of it. and it won’t happen again. until i move forward, and take two wives with me. one black (mecca), one white (redgurl).

have a good day.

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