THE MAJORITY OF WOMEN WHO HAVE AN ABORTION? ALREADY HAVE CHILDREN! LMAO! (so when dominican women are discussing eugenics and forced sterilization — which is evil — don’t mix that up with their choice? to have one child only. which is their right. many women have lots of children, because that’s what men want. and then there are a small minority, tiny minority lol of men who are like, she just wants more and more babies. but she wants me to work for them while she watches telenovelas all day. i don’t want to be a slave. calgon! take me away! lmmfao! i’m thinking of mecerita and her two daughters. i asked her if she wanted a son. she looked at me like i was nuts. she will never have another kid. you know why? because she’s a single mother. who works a slave labor job. then comes home and does all the work there too. did she want children? yes. did she want 16? absolutely not. lmmfao)

when somali women are like: listen, i don’t want 16 kids from my body lmao! (not many women, want to have 16 children. again, that’s a small minority. should you be allowed to have 16 children? sure. if you want. it’s your body!)

some somali women (in the days of antiquity lol) have had 16 children, because they’re trying to keep their husbands from getting a second wife. patriarchal oppression.

same thing with the poets wife. she didn’t want her last son. he told me so. his mother told him to his face lmmfao! that she almost had an abortion when she got pregnant with him. behind his father’s back. because his father, amiri baraka, was not the one taking care of those kids. she was. he was busy writing poetry, and having hoe moments all over the country! lmao! (with women who wrote poems about him begging them to have an abortion!)

in fact, that nigga didn’t even like kids that much. his son told me that too.

it’s mom dukes who had the kids running all over the house after school. he was in his study with the door closed, writing poems about “the white man”. while little malcolm (“don’t call me x!” lmmfao!) is calling me on the phone (i’m like, where are the adults in that house lol), talkin about how lil shani won’t give him one of her dollars and isn’t sharing (which i thought was very smart of her, since little malcolm was busy crushing on the older cousins in that family and showed her no love).

i. was. rollin!

which is why the somali men i know? aren’t leaving any women to become single mothers. doing all the work on their own. because he wanted those kids. he gotta take care of them. and his beautiful white wife, who had them.

the somali women i know? in reality? are like. 5 is enough. thanks. i don’t want no more kids. lmao!

i used to teach at a school where there were 11 kids, from the same somali family in it. one of the son’s was in my class. he was pissed! that his mom was pregnant — again. more work for him. and the mom was pissed too. she said to me “this is it. my husband wants more and more kids. i wanted an abortion.” lmmfao!

guess who’s doing ALL THE WORK? the mom, and the kids. dad’s out having fun and sittin in the somali spot, talking male only politics back home. and sippin shaax. lmao!

if you know any women who want 16 kids out their own bodies? let me know! women i know like birth control! and planned parenthood. which is why, 1 in every 3 women, has an abortion. this has nothing to do with not liking kids. it has to do with, are you raising them? are you paying for them? okay then.

don’t mix eugenics and forced sterilization (evil) with planned parenthood (a woman’s right to choose what SHE wants to do with her body).

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