And that would be me!

Liberal Conservative opposer.

Have a good day ya’ll. Working.

i LOVE rabbi josh




Ya’ll have been chasing the man who did not do most of the labor. You’re in love with me. And I can’t stand you hoes.

I love him. I did 1/2 the labor for this! The song. That’s my life and my kids!

Cardi B. ripped off my ish. Beyoncé ripped off my ish. I mean, those are the facts. I’m not mad about it. But jay z knows it. That’s why she feels so threatened. Offset knows it, that’s why Cardi B. feels so threatened.

I have no clue why. I never did anything to those women. Never fucked with they men at all. And wouldn’t. I’m a sistahood chic. I don’t do that shit. They do.

PS: that’s the precise reason I — don’t — like Jay Z. I can empathize with her feelings about his behavior. 4hunnid. (3 lame niggaz. The 4th better be an emperor.

Oh, that Rasta terminology. It’s my lifestyle. Conservative! And it did not come from my ex. It came from Jah Rose. When I was 7. Lol. Dawta of John. Empress.

He must have been impressed with my sorrel berry picking, knowing which ackee is ripe, goat milking, and machete skills. Barefoot. With a wild head of uncombed hair. And no makeup.)

Him. With two of his four mixed black children.


Hours and hours and hours and hours…teaching myself how to use Final Cut Pro. And putting together videos. All free labor.


So run ya mouths just aren’t impressive. It took you very little time to rip off other people’s ideas from twitter. And then promote yourselves by — talking.

When you are totally aware of how content creation works. Because you’ve done it with video, creative writing, and class planning. The work behind all three? Immense. What people see is the finished product. They don’t see the labor.

i.e. Your classroom looks awesome (weeks, constantly a work in progress), your 3 lessons went so smoothly (better have! It took me three hours to plan them and how smoothly they ran). Teachers actually have plans. Just creating a template for them that fits your needs and teaching style is a lot. Even before you use it. Depending on subject.

All — unpaid — labor. No assistance. So I get it. Most teachers probably do. The fun part is the execution of the unpaid labor. And the use of the resources in a classroom, watching your students access them. And come to understandings they did not have prior. All of which you don’t see. You see the student, and what he/she has acquired. So you think, oh. That’s easy.

(That’s in addition to the required and unrequired free labor we do to keep up with our profession/disciplines. So when people talk about how unprofessional this blog is. This is not my career. Lol This is a online book of life. My career is something you would not be able to do. Because it requires lots of work that does not center yourself.)

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