What is reality?

It’s the life you love and the love you keep. Even when no one is watching.

Oh, I don’t like Mariah Carey either. Lol! I like a lot of her old music. But how she treats men is terrible. And this did it for me. She is extremely entitled for no reason. And how is this a possibility?

I can’t wrap my head around this and I think she needs to hug herself, and hold herself, and love herself. And buy some pizza for a little homeless girl on the train. Or something.

Because no man can love you over you loving yourself. And Mariah has had a lot of men searching for the perfect one. And I don’t even think she likes men that much. Cuz she treats them like shit.

I encourage you to go to therapy Mariah. And not with FJ. I made that mistake. And paid to be abused some more. Lmao! It did nothing for me. At all.

Good luck on finding self love.

I already have that. All set.


I feel so relieved saying that. I don’t like black only twitter. I like some of your causes. But as humans. I think you are despicable. And I would not be caught — dead — with 95% of ya’ll.

All the people I like on twitter? Use that platform very sparingly. I mean like, once a month.

I really did like you at first. But then when I realized what you were trying to do to me? It kinda faded. Though I still liked you a little and tried to be nice and support you.

And now? I don’t like you at all. I hope none of ya’ll believe in the monotheistic religions, because a lot of you will be going to hell.

And as sociopaths? Even burning, has not stopped you. So, until you are almost dead of AIDS. You will not realize how precious life is. And how much better it is to wait to find a human who loves and respects you for the person you are. And not cuz they want to have horrible sex with you.

Ya’ll waste good pussy and good dick on some trife life shit.

And currently, my vagina is like this:

If I don’t give you the key? You ain’t gettin jack shit from me. And I am waiting.

For YG.


I wanna see these sociopaths feel enough for each other to kick in the loot, instead of making up CARE pages for other people to send donations to.

And I wanna see the receipts! Lol!

Speak for yourself!!

I — don’t like you. Not no one. I.

Like this:

I — don’t like the majority of hypocrites on black only twitter. And I don’t fuck with twitter on any level besides being shocked by how proud you are to be HIV positive hoes. It is very difficult to tell who’s real and who’s just a hoe. I am glad I have never used that platform or been DM’d by anyone. Cuz I would have had to block everyone I didn’t know personally. And maybe a few people I do, as well. Cuz I don’t fuck with no sociopaths. And I never will.

And am so relieved that you are outnumbered. On twitter. (13% of Americans) On black only twitter (8% of the 13%.) And in humanity. One out of every 25 of you.


Your lives don’t matter to me, because you damage other human beings — intentionally.

So don’t ask me for one red penny for your: abortion (number 25? Lol), your makeup, your hair, your wigs, your weave, your nails, ya hooker heels, your popeye’s three piece, White Castle, jack in the box, dominoes, McDonald’s, and some more junk!! or any of your “art” — if you a part time or full time hoe. You already duped me into givin you money wit your twitter sob stories. And really? I’ve been funding your hoeing to spread HIV to more human beings. And I am deeply ashamed of how ya’ll pimped me for my slave labor money.

Advice, if sociopaths like Dream Hampton are really looking for healing?

They should begin with restorative justice.

It is an act that must be performed face — to — face.

1) you don’t speak. You keep your mouth shut and you listen. You let your victim/victims explain what you did and how it impacted their lives.

2) you explain why you did what you did.

3) you and your victim/victims come up with ways for you to address the injustice and perform restitution. Could be as simple as a hug, or as complex as money. It’s up to ya’ll. But it has to be satisfactory to your victim/s. The purpose of restorative justice is to find a way to make victim/s whole again.

I’m not sure sociopaths have the capacity to participate in restorative justice. Because the perpetrator has to be able to feel a sense of remorse. And sociopaths have a very hard time caring more for other human beings.

Bipolar people? Care too much. We have to learn not to give a fuck. It’s working! Lol!

I don’t give a fuck about most of black only twitter!

I alternate between crying when I hear this? Cuz it sucks when you think someone loves you and they don’t.

And laughing cuz — there’s growth. And that’s refreshing. To see black men acknowledging their mistakes. And not repeating them.

YG make a lot of mistakes.

And it’s so — funny — to me! Like, damn! Guess I gotta make sure it’s a 21 and over gig! Before, I ask teenagers to show me their “mosquito bites”.

Titties! Women with titties!

I love women! 😫


I love men as well. But I don’t want to see their penis’ at all. Comes with maturity.

Better to wait. Till the right person — and, until you’re emotionally ready to be in a relationship. You don’t wanna fuck it up with a good woman. We’re more rare than I previously thought. Lmao!

There really is a whole lotta bad black women and men energy on twitter.

When you don’t like yourself you don’t care too much about your body and how you use it. Nor do you care all that much about other humans unless they are paying you. Or promoting you. Nothing just, done for the sake of — love.

And as much as I don’t like to say that as a mixed black women who is not passing or hiding nor have I ever tried either. No skin bleaching, gradiently, nothing.

I realize, that’s them. I can’t be responsible for other’s hypocrisy, or crimes against the people who care for them when no one does, or, their crimes against humanity.

I can only influence me and mines to be better human beings.

All — actions.

When you do good things?

Good things come back to ya.


Smh. Are you another sociopath? Pathological lying? Unable to control yourself sexually, sexlife impersonal, trivial, poorly integrated? Victimization of innocent human beings (see: all black men), strange fetishes that you act out? Lack of shame? Failure to follow any particular life plan?

Mariah. Please send money to FJ. I already have. When no one else would.

Delivery money.

You’re a multimillionaire. Help a sista out.

Free promotion!

Have a good evening.

Hip hop history is so important. Lot of ya’ll talk 2 much. Big mouths. Spread legged. Dick hangin.

And don’t listen.

“Schemin on takin what your brother has? Ya lil sucka. Ya talkin all that jazz.”

I go way back. With hip hop. Since before many of you were born. I’m not a rock, jazz, or techno head.

So please don’t try to school me on what types of hip hop music I rock with. Or why.

Thank you. Hip Hop has always had something to offer me. And I’ve never felt, as a woman, that it is a place where I can’t grow. Until black only twitter.

Ya’ll shook my foundation

But you are the ones who are on:

You cannot bait me Dream Hampton.

And you cannot interfere with the love between me and YG. No matter how angry I get at his mistakes? Never has he not stood like a man in the face of massive adversity.

And I got his back. 4hunnid.

And it makes you soooooo angry. That you can only be a moon dream.

A number 2. Forever. And always.


None of this. Is pleasant.

You fuckin skank whores!! The idea that you hoes tried to blame me for your 25 year hoe moment spree through hip hop?

Makes me so enraged?

Don’t cross my path. You lookin for death.

A Detroit Anthem!

My move hoe??

Looks like yo skinny ass is about finished. With tryna fuck with me. Aren’t you??

Deray of — SUN!

Or must we continue till gangstas get angry enough to shoot you in your head for that DL shit? That affects loyal, loving, faithful, ride and die for a nigga — women and children.

Ya lil biaaaaaatch!!

“I will never betray my heart” or black and brown women — again. — Deray McKesson

Death by police in Massachusetts in 2017:


Looks like an excellent time to stop fuckin other women’s men and spreading HIV in a blue vest, doesn’t it?

And, for those same men to stop cheating on their wives with some hoes!!

Plenty of gay men, born gay, not abused — for you to fuck.

Deray, of sun.

Provincetown in the summer is a nice place to find a man, Deray. But we know how much you hate an entire state. *shrug*

Make sure you disclose your HIV positive status. Or, use condoms. Gay men don’t want HIV either. FYI. It’s not a Dream Hampton Jessikkka Moore celebration.

It’s something you learn to live with with the help of an excellent — lover.

Fair warning?

I am hated by all hoe moment men and women.

The only men and women who rock the number one, or 2 fingers together?

Are some men and women who got duped by #2's, 3's, 5's, 8's, 10's, till infinity.

Dream Hampton is a fake #1. she always had shared her man. She always will if she ever gets another man to touch her Jabba the Hut ass — again.



And that goes for the hoe who wrote on that hoe moment ass. And put the hoe in handcuffs to be photographed like the hoe she is — for the public— 2!!

And I don’t give a fuck.



Incidentally, I just applied for a job at Eazy E’s old high school. And the principal emailed me back like,

Wow! That’s an excellent resume and educational credentials.

Looks like I have some — choices — to make.

Healthcare begins? With not hoeing. And eating junk. Quickest way to the doctor for cancer diabetes and some Moore petrie dish pussy shit we haven’t heard of yet.

But believe me. It’s already started. The next genocidal human epidemic.


Dead in a month.

Ya’ll should feel blessed that you’re quitting on HIV only.

Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore?

They on the next shit. For real.

Immunity is far better than having to kill thousands of people and be infested with multiple strains of HIV.

You can already see how it’s working on Jessica Moore. Her arms are gonna stay covered. From now on. Or, photoshopped. Or, tummy tuck, face lift, breast lift, vaginoplasty, implants in the booty, and some Moore trash crap!!

What a whore.

YG cares. Nigga just a lil slow. 🙄

He just needs a lil time. 2 much problems in his life. She wanna fuck me, she don’t love me. It’s my lifestyle.


Just show me your titties you hoes!! For free!


You thirteen!

Why you dressed like you 20! More hoes!!

YG: 😳

me: 😇 the “virgin” Mary. I can really wear her on my tee. And feel totally comfortable with that reflection of me.


Don’t get ME started on pregnancy. The first time that nigga dipped to his “gig” “the bar”, “his boys house”… when I knew: the gig was over, the bar was closed, and his boy was like “ummmm…” and — didn’t answer his phone?

Me and planned parenthood had a date!

3 times planned parenthood was my best lover!

I came out that bitch like this!

Like, I love you (to the pigeon brained niggaz)

But not enough to have your baby. By myself?


His and his and his tears just streamed down his and his and his face.

And I told him to go have his hoe dry them.

What I look like helping your tears?

When you out here being a hoe!! And cheating on the best WOMAN that ever happened to your ass?



If your mom in law don’t wanna do shit for you? Probably cuz she knows you treated her kid like shit. Not the other way around.

My mother has a really good relationship with her daughter in laws. Better than me. Because they wear makeup, and get their hair and nails done continuously. Instead of being bathed and groomed — neatly.

And carry fancy pocketbooks.

Instead of this:

Fake men can’t handle real women.

“I give him what he want, he buy me…”

some shit I don’t. 😒


When you be tryna save black men’s, women’s, and children’s lives left and right.

From they own actions.

And walk a righteous path.

But you still — alone.

So much easier to be a hoe!!


When my ex told me I would die alone. Because I refused to become a harem hoe?

I figured, better to die with my friends and family. Than with AIDS, with nobody to clean up my throw up and diarrhea.

Takes a really good human, to stick by you through that type of shit.


Got the picture yet?




Real muthafuckin g’s?

Need no hoes at all.

One excellent wife only! And if she’s been through hip hop and you’ve dm’d her and paid for the pussy?


Advice for both men and women.

Never choose an easy hoe!!

Get yourself a man or a woman who will look you in your — face —


Nigga! You trippin!!

You couldn’t pay me a billion for how dope my shit is!


And, make sure you can back that up. With an excellent rep.

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