Anybody who like me is subject to the death penalty, via Dream Hampton. And since niggaz so fuckin greedy for money over love? They can be bought to kill you.

Make sure you keep your circles tight. Only people who can be trusted, explicitly, need apply.

If you are engaging in super high risk behaviors in your art making, and you are bipolar? Know that less talented non bipolar muthafuckaz will take advantage of your creativity.

And stop talking some trash about burning my muthafuckin toes. You ain’t doin jack shit. 😒

Let me tell ya’ll lil niggaz something. You try and disrespect me one more time? Or my toes? I am beatin ya’lls asses. There is no little nigga disrespecting me like that. So you better channel your energies by learning to swim or some shit. I’ll push yo ass in the deep end and watch you — drown.

Now clean up your damn acts. And start acting like young men, and not stupid ass children, before the police try and kill you all.

I’m into — saving — people’s lives. Not murder. And that was not very responsible of you.

I know you are very upset that innocent black men are being murdered by the police. We all are.

But you ain’t about to be the next one’s. So save that crazy death wish shit for people who give a fuck. I don’t and am not supporting any art where you are attempting to die by cop.

Forget about it.


I think talib’s mad again. That nigga still mad at his mama for being smarter than him. Lol!

(PS: his uppity negress “friend” is Dream Hampton. That chic got like 666 twitter pages. For real. I can tell it’s her by the writing. And of course, her “pretending” to be Beyoncé. 😒. Her pro sex work [which is horribly unfeminist when you actually think about the emancipation of women’s bodies from physical exploitation], anti capitalist [everyone who says they are anti capitalist but has a link on their page to pay them, is a capitalist. Obviously. It’s called, pay me for twitter or my blog or whatever. But stop pretending it’s not capitalism. Anti capitalist would be like, an economic system where people barter and trade — which is very cool. And which I have done as well as many other people, it’s an excellent way for people who have no money to get what they need], and Hood Progressive [which is hardly what an “uppity negress” would be]

If someone can never show their face on twitter. That’s another sign to be careful of that nigga.

Pro black my ass. That hoe [which she admits is her main line of work], is pro HIV. She got a skull face.

Phoenix [a bird, that rises out of flames. Which she can’t do until there’s a cure for HIV] Calida. [This is Greek. It means “most beautiful”, or hungry hungry hippo lol!, and stands for the the great bear that can be found in our solar system’s star constellation.

Dream Hampton’s Native American spirit symbol? Is the bear. It’s also the animal symbol of California which is another reason why that hoe went and colonized the west coast with that HIV shit. All about the ocean, she even lived in black and bougie Martha’s Vineyard, because she knew I grew up spending my summers in Cape Cod ].

That spirit animal ish, is her way of copying my interest in American Indigenous forms of worship. And spirituality. Since I’m really into cultural anthropology. Like a lot of people.

Just a reminder to super manic, Talib.)

Which brings me to my next question. Traditionally, the rape of a woman entails some sort of coerced sexual activity. Either through physical force, or through the use of drugs. Or mental manipulation by an adult over a child. See: statutory rape, incest.

What is the rape of a man?

Is that when you pretend to care about him? Lie to him. Manipulate him. Have unprotected sex with him. Give him HIV and then blackmail him for hush money?

People should never forget what you did. Try to become Bresha. And a fuckin hippopotamus in a zoo in Cleveland.

mad black (crazy ass where did you find this hoe?! 😡) THOT.




I have to laugh.

And who would know that better than a “common white girl” with tabs on her tongue, at the techno rave, at 14. 😒


It’s all lemonade huh?

Better than having to drink pig lard.

Is that yo baby daddy? One of the 9 wonders of the world? Lol!

I’m so sorry. How dreamy.



The Washington Post, in addition to a fatalities by cop database.

Needs a fatalities by hoe database.

Guess who’s leading by a wide margin. In murder. Lol!


It’s so sick and twisted and — unthinkable. I have to laugh.


When these chics be on those hip hop reality shows. Where are their kids at?

Lil Wayne need to change his name. Another observation. That nigga is not “little”. He’s 34 years old.

Wheezy. (Does he have asthma? Lol!)

Just had to get that off. I gotta focus on my money. Have a good evening.

When you have to make yourself laugh. Off lines drawn in the sand.

There is a HUGE difference between:

1) a mom who wants her children to have a baby daddy. fully intended for that to happen. And the niggas — -actions…


2) a hoe moment mommy who didn’t want her kid to have a father. She has done every possible thing on earth to keep that kid isolated from his/her dad.

And, it’s worked. Complete with 2 checks. Alimony. And child support. (And


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