I’m applying for a teaching grant through my school dept. I want to visit a Dominican/El Salvadoran/Guatemalan school and establish a sister school relationship. I’m very interested in experiential methods of language acquisition with few resources. And want to know how we can be of help, in the US. What are we teaching in our Spanish curriculums that might be useful to teachers in other countries, and vice versa?

The United States has some excellent resources for native and multilingual language acquisition.

Tonight: Stir fry. Chinatown! I love Chinatown! Lmao (I do. Chinese supermarkets in America have kept many a homie from going hungry. Everybody in them, in my city. Them, and sav a lot. chinatown is also the best place to buy imported fabric. Japanese denim included.)

When your differentiated math lesson was so good, upon observation with two combined classes? You get a super shout out over the loudspeakers at the end of the day.

I just found out my kids are required to take the math and science MCAS’, in May. In English. 😡 That’s wrong. Only some are on 3rd grade math content. A couple are just learning addition and subtraction. Almost all knew no English in November. And started school late. Science is a little easier. All new content. Nothing cumulative.

Don’t tell me shit about “these teachers”. You don’t work anywhere near hard as teachers. And some of us are still writing a poem a day.


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