I don’t love you. You purposefully tried to destroy my life and the lives of people I love. Knowing the incredible amount of pain I was in. Reaching out for help and you doing nothing but making it worse. I was sick and super manic. And all you 2 hoes did was abuse and abuse and abuse and abuse. You have watched horrible shit happen and have done absolutely nothing to stop it. But some stupid ass poems that you created off me, and other abused people. And some stupid ass films at the expense of other people’s ideas and lives. You are sociopaths. It’s your actions, or lack thereof. To stop injustice and abuse. And I will forgive you. And I do not hate you. But love? Nah. I don’t love you. I feel sympathy. You don’t have. You should learn to care more about other people besides yourselves. And leave people who never did shit to you — alone. You are not the type of women I would be friends with. I think your characters are horrid. And it has nothing to do with you being black or women or mixed, or whatever you’re calling yourselves today. It has to do with you, as human beings. And how you treat other people. And you need help that art can’t provide. But mental healthcare certainly can try.

Have a great night. Stay the fuck out my life. (Past, present, and future.)

These chics are super dramatic. No one is deporting your asses. It’s not possible. You were born in America. Make restorative justice. I’ve given you the blueprint. And stay out my life and private emails that ain’t addressed to you. Mind your fuckin business. If I have something to say to someone? I will write them a direct message — privately — if you threaten my life or act like you don’t want to hear about the fucked up shit you’ve done all through hip hop for 20+ years. I go public. At expense to myself and everyone and everything I love. Because I love hip hop. And you hoes have some nerve damaging all kinds of marginalized people. Which is exactly what hip hop is! Marginalized kids!

I do not support Donald Trump as president! I think he is a hot freakin mess! I support Donald Trump being unashamed to get mental health treatment. I’m not the one voting for Donald Trump. I don’t have a kid who wants to be an architect. 😒 And I am not the one on stage for Ford, talkin bout Detroit is the home of the “American” imagination. 😒

See through hoes!!

Detroit is the home of marginalized slave labor black and brown people, and two hip hop hoes who Donald Trump follows like they are some gift to the world. Which is why he picked Betsy DeVos, and Ben Carson who are not qualified for either of those jobs. Just like Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton have no track record, at all, of any successful job experience. Zero. (My bad. One. Teaching for a semester, at Stanford. Someone handed her that shit. After she fucked her way to every job she ever got. In hip hop. While, calling herself a feminist. Give me a break. And ya’ll mad at megyn kelly for saying santa is not black? While being sexually harassed and giving that evil man no pussy! [santa isn’t black btw. Santa isn’t even real!! Lmao! That’s your parent’s slave labor money! Oh no! Please forgive me! I don’t want to destroy these kids fantasies.] 😒)

That is me and santa. I didn’t like Santa, like a lot of kids. And I think it’s abusive to make your kid take pictures with Santa if your kid says “I don’t want to”. Take pictures of that kid on a reindeer, or Mrs. Claus, or next to some enslaved elves lmao! or something.

Restorative justice. Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore. Tweeting, is not enough. In your lives. Off fuckin line!!

Goodnight. I’m tired of debating FACTS with you. No one is perfect. But you don’t go around abusing people cuz you think their lives don’t matter. Stalking me for 20 years. That shit is super sociopathic. Like I said, 4 years ago? I’d never even heard of those 2 chics. They need to make restorative justice.

Instead of funding your hoe’s bougie lifestyle. Why don’t you fund her inpatient therapy. And fund her flying her kid out to see his father?! Huh?! Do something good on behalf of that kid. I bet he’d be ecstatic!

Racists? Do not support me homie. Lmao! But apparently, some of your FANS do! YOUR FANS! Diabolic hip hop is a fan of yours! Just like that other dude. The jewish one who worked with Wu-Tang! And you troll them, marginalized people, for days on end cuz they don’t agree with every last word you say. Get over yourself!! It’s ridiculous!! Go make some new music about how you are going to stop supporting hoes in hip hop so they can get a job at the Ford Factory. Or something. And how those 2 hoes are going to stop abusing marginalized people for their lack of honest creativity, and their hoe moment money!!

They want their bodies back. Good luck with that. 😒

The only violation is your hoe moment penis!! All over the planet! Get your act together! Be a man!

Leave diabolic hip hop alone! It is wrong of you to lump all these people together! You are a terrible teacher. He doesn’t like YOU!! Your character!! (Which, I may add, transcends every racial line on the planet. You the Donald Trump of hip hop. Lmao! And it’s disappointing. I really looked up to you as a role model. Now I just play this, and shake my head)

Diabolic hip hop is hilarious! Lmmfao!

Incorrect of Rachel to use that word. My mistake. I didn’t see that tweet. And, I think that says a lot about the self hatred some mixed chics have. It’s either, I can’t stand that I am black. Or white does not exist.

I don’t have those issues. Excellent parenting. And a great nana. Who made it clear to everybody in her crib? Everybody, white and black, would be treated equally and fairly. Or they could get their asses out her crib, and don’t you dare slam her door. Cuz you didn’t pay for that shit. She did!


I am privileged, not entitled. I had a great primary education that many people don’t get the chance to. That’s partially why I became a teacher. So I could do something about that.

I am privileged. I am mixed. In a black context? That’s a privilege. In a white context? It makes not one bit of difference.

Other than that? Um, I have no privilege. I work. For everything I have. What does the mixed hoe you support, know about that? Work. Nothing. She’s entitled. And privileged. Off hip hop dick. And light skin. Sittin up in France in that popped cherries around the world dress. Chic has totally forgotten about Haitians. They don’t fit her current political agenda. Neither do Muslims. My ex didn’t come to her rescue so she could break up his marriage. Marry him. Then dump him. Like her other 5 husbands. Bougie ass.

Rachel has a point. I got jumped for having “good” hair. And beat that ass silly. After that? It was all “oh. My bad. You really black.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

There’s a lot of hatred people with straighter hair get. I don’t play games over hair texture. Unless it’s clearly a mixed chic, coopting black women’s voices, and refusing to acknowledge she has any privileges — in a black context. I am well aware I have privileges that darker skinned women with curlier hair do not have. I don’t say “we’re all equally black.” That is a lie. And I don’t do that.

Glad you see me. I don’t wear a damn sheet. You actually believe the klan is like. You’re a lighter skinned black person. You’re cool.


Talib Kweli is certifiably the most black and white, un-nuanced nigga in hip hop. His parents should have removed him from that bougie ass private school. After fifth grade. And sent his ass to school right in Brooklyn. Where he would have got an ass whoopin. And then he wouldn’t act this way. Lmao!

Can someone please show me the tweet where this woman called someone a “nigger”? Talib Kweli, lies — a lot. It’s so disappointing. “I’ve never erased a tweet”. That is a huge lie. I’ve watched him do it. I wish he’d stop being a little punk ass bitch. And act like the man he is. He attacks anybody who does not agree with him. Then says it’s cuz they’re racists. When clearly there actually are some racists he should go at. Hard. And clearly, many people he’s attacking are his actual fans!

Dumb ass!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

People not agreeing with you, Talib. Doesn’t make them racists. 🤔

Talib: “explain”

Okay. people think your character is 💩. And it is. You should watch the company you keep. Lying, cheating, stealing hip hop hoes have rubbed off on you. And you’re so “ironheaded”, you don’t even listen when your fans say something honest and real.

What are you? The moral authority on “blackness” in hip hop?

Ha! Yeah, aiight. *rolled eyes*

everybody! Buy a book from Talib Kweli so you can be as intelligent as he is (this dude is all book smart, with ZERO common sense. Lmao!)

Now, I’m listening to them! Because they are high quality women! Write their own shit! And don’t get enough props for their wonderful original creations! ( by bad for not thinking: santi is black, jean grae is black. i know they’re Black. I don’t like them cuz they’re black. I think their music is top notch high quality. And they have very good characters. And are, um, a little “weird”. Lol)

This is how men in hip hop express themselves when they’ve been very damaged by some hoes. I do not take offense at all. And I’m glad, in the video, he pushed that hoe out the way. Instead of smacking the shit out of her. Cuz I don’t condone violence against women.

That hoe probably still started screaming. “I’m calling the police on you! Big Sean put his hands on me”. I would know. Jessica Moore threatened me with the police, FBI, and Nation of Islam. And all I did was compliment her and let her know that she doesn’t have to share her man. She should put these dudes in check.

She didn’t like that. And now I know why. What ya’ll chics expect these dudes to do? Kill themselves. I mean really. There are some horrible piece of shit men. I know this first hand. But let’s stop acting like there aren’t trash ass piece of shit women as well. There are. Unfortunately.

See what I mean about Talib. He attacks marginalized people, this time — a black woman who won’t give him no pussy. Ever. Lmao. Then runs to Ferguson to perform social justice “activism” on stage, with his hoe. To sell some books, and tacky plastic earrings. While talkin some smack about loving the people.

She’s right. Your not. And neither is your hoe moment hip hop whore. Jessica Moore.

I have never seen YG call any woman a “bitch” on twitter. Ever. YG calls hoes? Bitches. In anger. In his music. Better than knocking a hoe out! Lmao! I empathize.

You know why he doesn’t call good women bitches and hoes?

His mother would KICK HIS ASS! Lol! Ass whoopin! Lmmfao! Which Talib does not believe in, never received. And obviously, needed — very badly. He’s a grown ass 40 something year old man. YG is in his twenties. And he don’t act nothing like Talib Kweli. YG? Respects women. He just don’t got much love for hip hop hoes.

Welcome to the club. Lol

Shut up Talib. Stop acting like you don’t support the biggest hoe in hip hop. I don’t like your character. I like your music. That’s it. For someone so well read? You’re like the dumbest dude on the planet. “Explain”. No. it’s free labor to educate your ass. And I’m tired of providing you with free intellectual labor. While some hoe who don’t do shit by herself, spreads her legs — and thousands and thousands and thousands…of your dollars roll out. Fuckin dumb. Lmao!

Women who inspire me: my mom, my nana, my auntie, my cuz, LT, kateri, neshamah, wende, tracey, ti-ti.

Shit. None of them are famous.

Ti-Ti the most. Because her son was murdered. Over a pound of erb, in FLA. and his best friend, this white dude, panicked. And instead of calling for an ambulance, tried driving him to the hospital. He died on the way. And instead of telling the truth, to her, about what had happened.

He lied. He said he hadn’t been with her son. He didn’t know where he was.

Instead of her going crazy? Losing her mind? She talked to his best friend’s family members. They were at his funeral. She was more concerned that his white self was on suicide watch in lock up. She didn’t want anything to happen to him.

She’s my bestie from childhood. Her character?

Is A+.

I hope to be more like her. She wore some Nikki Minaj leopard print get up at the wake — we almost didn’t go to. I just sat with her in the crib like, I’ll do what you want to do. I had nothing to say when I saw her come out her room in that get up. I was in jeans and timbs with a funky t-shirt. Everybody else was dressed for church. *shrug* sometimes, there’s nothing to say. Love and being right next to someone, not abandoning them through the worst experience of their lives. Your physical presence? Is enough.

That’s love. Complete silence. And still, love.

RIP Elijah.

I love your mama, so much.

When you’re so tired of bullshit? You don’t want to talk on the phone to anybody. And, changed your number — intentionally — after 15 years. Because you don’t want anyone who purposefully damaged you in the past? To be able to ever hear your voice again. You can’t stand walls, you prefer bridges. But you’ve built a massive wall around your actual person. In real life.

You’d have to be able to climb sagarmāthā to get anywhere near me. In reality. There’s no amount of money that can buy me. And no amount of dick that will please me.

I want some “hot and ready nasty pizza” and a hug. For all the dumb shit I’ve had to put up with.

In fact, give me the most nasty pizza you can find. Dripping with grease from all that extra cheese on mine.

And a shitload of veggies.

I can afford to gain weight. I weighed myself this morning. I’m 111 pounds. 😳

Underweight. And no, I’m not sick or infected. I’m just naturally petite with a little booty. And I don’t feel bad about it. People are born in the bodies they were meant to have.

At least I’m not a hip hop hoe. Who can never get my body back. Cuz every other man has tapped that ass.

It’s permanent, btw. You can’t erase who you sleep with.



High quality — only. I can’t settle for no trash ass hoe moment man. It makes me feel physically sick.