white people are not evil

in pain, you were kicked out of africa because your skin was not the same. you were hurt and hunted by less than perfect humans, cuz

no matter what skin we’re in?

we are ALL homo sapien sapiens, with feelings. there is no difference between you

and me.

i know what it means to have a father who does not see you, always trying to prove that your good enough. lying to keep a name safe that never protected you. i know how it hurts to be abused. misused. and the rage that results.

are you bipolar too?

that would make sense. from the way you post, like talib kweli, like so many genius lyricists, who never really get their just due.

they are ALL OVER SOUNDCLOUD. all colors of people from around the world, never even met. but connect. they call it…

“colllab” lol

they compromise and figure out a way to survive the types of hell you and i know well. over and over and over again.

you feel under attack. and you just won’t quit until you get a little respect.

i feel like playing some aretha franklin so every one will listen to what “it means to me”

to be damaged so terribly? you do terrible things. use words, that hurt. instead of heal

broken hearts.

fight the urge. i saw how you tried to talk about police brutality and people blocked you. focus on deray. he’s asking you,

a teacher. who understands what it means to have an all inclusive classroom.

one tweet, saying you don’t support the kkk. that david duke is not your friend.

and it’s the beginning of the end.

i believe in you. and,

i love you too. you’re an excellent motivational speaker. i heard you on soundcloud. and i was like, wow! this dude keeps me UP! like supreme understanding when he’s riding around in his car, talking about how to get


and happy,

and then out in nature, leading people back to the elements that cure everything.


do this for me.

i see you compromising. you’re talking about the veterans. trying to link that to kaepernick. you understand a mixed dude with an all white fam, engaging in a protest for the rights of people who look like him. and that’s a blessing. and your waiting for another person to give a little. and so i’m trying but david duke is a big one.

david duke is the former head of the ku klux klan. let’s separate him from the majority of white people who don’t lynch anyone. and don’t kill us. just scared of what they don’t understand. it seems hostile when someone says black lives matter, because every human thinks their lives matter. and that’s why i teach my white students to say, black lives matter all day every day. while i say, your life matters to me.

let me give you a little history the ku klux klan started in reaction the emancipation proclamation and our freedoms. it was strategic. to find a way to keep us terrorized, disenfranchised, and running for our lives. so so so

many many lynchings. you know how bad a lynching is? we have words in english just to suit it. picnic…pic a nigga, any nigga. doesn’t matter what he did. no due process. just hunted. strung on a tree.

burned alive, genitals cuts,

while some white people, watched

put out a spread and ate like they were at a circus!

postcards to share with fam. like, look at where we went!

like we aren’t even human.

and it still happens. it’s not just black people either. jews too. lynched. for not doing what they said. (that’s not fully detailed but it’s off the top so you’ll have to excuse the gaps. i’m typing and thinking


look at that beautiful young man. and what the kkk did to him. you wanna know why?

because he liked a white woman. and the truth is,


liked him.

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