who the FUCK shot a 6 year old boy at an elementary school?!


police — or “other” human beings. lol

this shit needs to stop!

there is NO OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET that has the amount of guns we do. let me find that poem on smith and wessun. they had the NERVE to sue smif and wessun for parodying their EVIL.

smith and wessun is the SECOND largest employer of folks in the western part of my state. yeah…

liberal ass massachusetts. *side eye* i’m not fooled.

more kids. killed in school. and no one thinks there’s anything wrong with killing people with epilepsy, autism, for no discernible reason, just sittin in the ride after being pulled over, or running away out of fear that you have a gun and are FIRING it for NOTHING. it takes a lot to get me enraged.

(the problem with a lot of white people, as i see it, they don’t CARE — just like some black folks don’t care about blk people — when other wyt people are being murdered. and that is troubling. very. because what should be happening is both white/wyt people and black/blk people should be screaming:

OUR LIVES MATTER/ALL LIVES MATTER/BLACK LIVES MATTER/WHITE LIVES MATTER/ENDANGERED SPECIES LIVES MATTER (*side eye at the trump brothers — don’t do that shit again) — what the fuck ever!!!!

and bum rushing these assholes. lol

ol school! lol i need to chill out with the original ish. i’m already stressed.

i hope ya’ll didn’t miss? in the lyrics? that they are not talking about KILLING anybody. or calling the police. they are metaphorically speaking on how they will “blast” you, with their lyrics, and their marijuana “strapped” to them. lol!

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