who’s mentally ill?

you mean creatively gifted? visionary? progressive? out of the box? intelligent? beautiful? compassionate? kind? caring? loving? empathetic?

and pissed the fuck off. lmao!

isn’t that why you stole from me, cuz you were jealous, wanted to take pieces of my life, try them on for size, and throw me in the trash…like you just tried to do to kanye, on the twitter you’re never on, until you saw my post — calling you out — and took it down quick.

the only stacey dash? is your super capitalist, abusive to black and brown people who don’t have as much power as you. i will do ANYTHING, to make a dime off other people’s struggles. and give back very very little.

don’t ever be confused by the color of someone’s skin. character, is everything.

try this…

(they stoopid lmao!)

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