All women will now be raising sons that hold good women in the highest esteem. It is your responsibility to raise sons who do not abuse or abandon good women.

Or have an abortion. If you are going to be single mothers not by choice. And got duped. Early enough to — terminate.

If you are a mother who’s child does not have a father, though he wants to be and is a flawed but good man, and you had sex with that man? You are not a good mother and have no place in this revolution. Same with intentional HIV infectors.

I have your back — only — Ahi. Because I know how abused you were by that pig. And, that he was 2 powerful to escape. Not being severely schizophrenic. And you should have been protected.

I understand this.

If I get wind of you infecting any other human beings. Men or Women.

You will get a bullet to your brain. That will not miss. I will ask your brother to have you killed by a cop. For the protection of humanity.

The pig is dead. And good riddance.

Get therapy.

And stay away from the woman who infected you intentionally. She is the beginning of massive infections in hip hop. And the — original — reason so many black women are HIV positive.

Truth only.

The abuse of the mentally exceptional needs to end.

Love you boosie b! Keep your head up! Regular round the way girl. With a job. That’s more than art. Unless she like, works in a museum or is the director of a poetry studio. Real labor where she is not centered consistently.

No intentional HIV infectors.

(Ya’ll ain’t got no tricycles? Lol we don’t have em in the bean, either. Lmao!)


Find your #1. Do not look for her in the industry. Wait patiently. Make sure she has not intentionally infected any man with HIV. Righteousness only.


If you are a mother with a son. This becomes a big problem. Doesn’t it. Feminista Jones. Another Dream Hampton follower. And mother. With a son.

I understand, perfectly, why righteous black men are so — infuriated — now.

When a teacher protects your children, better than their own mother.

There’s a serious problem. I got your son. He is in serious danger. Please call his father and explain to him what you have done. Thank you.

Or don’t. *shrug* when you call for HIV warfare between men and women? There will be casualties.

Work through the rage. Of being innocent, and preyed upon.

I’m glad I caught you in time, love. Before you 2, became a predator. The devil is beautiful and charming.

If you have to pay for love? It’s not love.

It takes a very strong man to resist a hoe. The men best equipped have had many hoes. They all know the game now. And cannot be enticed by the physical body. Or worldly goods.

“You never really loved me [fuck monaaaay]” — name that creator


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