When you find yours? Try not to hoe on him. Lookin at the next nigga. Who a hoe like you.





(Ya’ll wanna got to Ptown wit me and YG next summer? 😁 we can ride bikes and eat seafood. Get high. We can camp out. And listen to good music and DANCE! And go to the beach! And relax! Lol!)


Ready to take your fat sloppy hiv spreading hoe moment ass. To Newark yet?

Restorative justice! You nasty skank trick bitch!!

Salty mixed black chic 2. In a super girdle. Holding her breath. For, the pic in the hotel mirror. Right before getting paid for the hoe moment (there are LOTS of morenas like her in the Dominican Republic. 50 bucks? You got that.

Then, there are the black women who like NAH! 😡 I got 3 jobs! Morenas as well. And don’t ya’ll niggaz — ever — get us mistaken for hoes!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡)

Salty mixed black chic number 3. Who got embarrassed. Cuz niggaz make songs about — the whore!! — she is. And she ain’t even the number 1 HIV spreading chic.

Number 4?

Makeup plastered face lying cheating stealing sociopathic stock photography ripped off words. Nothing original about this whore.

And, this is actually? Her!!

Orange. She can be Donald Trump’s side hoe.


Yeah. Fringe. Not Fenty.

MY money !!!!!!!


Imma give all of the internet a minute to think about this TRASH!! shit. Have fun — tweeting. We’ll see what you supporting.


Or righteous!

(All these hoes are !! I see a ! I know it’s sociopathic fake shit.)

Yeah, wow. You cannot “bee erica”. Take your Jabba the Hut ass to Newark. On a first class flight. Yo ass can’t fit in passenger class. Another problem with “America”. Btw.

Keep your names out my bomb ass — healthy preparation and cooking.

Oh, and out my salad.

That’s your lifestyle. Not mine. I want my man to see 107.

Teacher lesson, learned the hard way. Personally.

It’s “conscious” black men in hip hop who disrespect women the most. They be spitting those extra sweet “political revolutionary” lyrics.

But when a nigga call a bitch the hoe that she is,

Expressing his feeeeeeelings. In his lyrics. Wit your trife life hoe moment living. Instead of knocking yo dumb ass through a wall? (Let a nigga try the shit ya’ll hoes do to men, with me. Nigga! RUNNIN!! Lol)

Then ya’ll hoes got shit to talk.

Oh. That’s what I thought. Hoes can’t speak on niggaz who spit about hoes and bitches.

Good women can. Shut the mouth. Ya run ya mouth. 2 much.



Trust — good! — black women. Who do not lie, cheat, steal. Or spread that HIV.

Keep it up with your patriarchy. Let Lena, chop your head off.


Repeat, for an ironhead. 😒

Trust — good! — black women. Or let Lena chop your head off.


When you have to repeat it — 2 — times.



This look dope! Now keep your dick in your pants. And try not to cheat!!


(Get em Lena! 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦)

City of vision.

Dream’s in London, living off Black Lives Matter murder money. And infecting 19 year old rappers. With HIV.

Transitioning to claim evidence reasoning rubrics. And stations. Gotta go.

Piece of advice for women. If you use your body to attract a man. You will never get him. You gotta use your mind. Before anything? Men are attracted to the mind of a woman. If her words match her lifestyle?


I’d they don’t?


If you capitalize on another woman. Put her down to help you rise?(and that does not mean calling a hoe out. You a hoe moment chic who spreads 🔥🔥? Then you deserve it.)


YOU!! The vulture.

No pussy for you!! Tryna capitalize offa me with Erykah Badu. She still tryna fuck Ahi!!

(Ya’ll hoes hooked on that niggaz dick. Got all these men — mad — like what’s so good about him?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Um — me! I’M THE HIP HOP JUNKIE! Lol!)

Cuz I am not erykah badu. I do not smoke newports. And I do not own a pistol.

I will be having — zero — conversation with you!!

Next hoe moment chic for your lgbtqia — cheating — ass. Any man talk about my “good power you” on a radio show? Gettin his head chopped off. I ain’t no hoe!!

I wonder if Joyce Carol Oates knows that this “illiterate” “barely articulate” “[northern] negro”. Lol! Is a HUGE fan of her work. I really fell totally in love with her — writing.

If you’ve never — READ — any of her work. 😒 You should. She is — most definitely —

The Toni Morrison of White women.

Actually, she the Toni Morrison of me too. Different styles of writing.

I love them, both.



*Beyond the bougie black supremacist negroes who are messy wit they hoes*

Should be the title of that book.

I am so happy I am from the hood. You look like a man who thinks you controlling me. Good luck. Van. 😒

All I wanna know? What does — YOUR WIFE — have to say about you? Ummm hmmm.


Time to get it poppin!


(Surprise! I am only interested in what loyal faithful women — Jana — who gotta put up with some hoes!! Have to say. About — anything! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

(That is, consequently, what first made me start listening to Ben Shapiro. Because despite his — backwards — stance on abortion. He kept on mentioning his wife and children. Mor! She has a name!)


Mo. 😒 you are from Oakland. And, a Taurus! Lol! 🙃 You know damn well you can’t just “trust black women”.

You trust every person in your hood? That’s crazy!! You have to look at — who — those black women are! You are so caught up in Twitter world I think you have lost your mind!

You — may — be able to be trusted. Trust Feminista Jones? She STOLE my money pretending her kid was hungry. And is trying to paint my school system as racist based on bussing in the 1970's. I don’t trust that hoe!! It has nothing to — do — -with the color of her skin. It’s her — character! Lol Boston is the most — diverse — school system in the country. Facts!

Lots of black women just plain hoes.

That’s like asking me to trust all white people.

Hell — to the fuck — no!


You are crazy!!

Everybody! Who is not a sociopathic hiv spreading hoe!! makes this country great again!

Black women — en masse — ain’t doing shit for this country. They all tryna get paid off prostitution lying cheating stealing.

Individual black women, based on character. Are making this country great again.

You nuts common. You lost your roots on the south side of chicago. Better “cruise on [your] BMX”’and ride past the spots where niggaz “had houses by the lake”. Hope you find them again. Get a grip! 😒

Dream Hampton is prison culture on twitter. And, a child molestor!! Wth is wrong with ya’ll?

She is also mad black thot (named after black thought, from *the roots*) and common white girl (named after common, the rapper! Omd!! [oh my devil!!] She is NUTS!! She better stay the fuck away from Nas’ studio for Nikki bashes her head in with a bat! Lol!)

Leave those niggaz alone! You hoe!!

She is a sociopath!!


I’m back at class. Later. Writing and walking. And yelling at a kid to stop running with his shoes untied at that. Lol! Gotta love these kids.

Past tense Feminista Jones. But you stay trapped in slavery and Jim Crow. And some black patriarchal pieces of trash ass shit. In the 60's. It’s 2017.

Because of the fight to desegregate the Boston Public Schools, and continuous reflective practices. The BPS Is now the best urban public school district in the country.

And I’m bringing everything I’ve learned? Most likely?

To Bompton.

Take on the school district. Try. Lol!

Reminder to watch after school. This is one of your — many — “sex positive” dudes.


You can like someone’s writing and not like the human being who produced it. I happen to LOVE Joyce Carol Oates, writing. Sociopathic Trudy Ann.

I don’t like your writing. All stolen from black women more marginalized than you. I don’t like your makeup plastered face. Your chuck taylors. Your bok choi.

Your prostitution. Your hatred of white people. Your hatred of mixed black people who will not deny who they are.

Or the “gargantua” HIV spreading you have engaged in.

Your actions, are worse than any other words someone could write. Words are not actions. And besides, you’re the one who likes “full course meals” and proper place settings. Not me.

I like snacks at the beach.

So your white supremacist skin bleaching ass. Fits right with Joyce Carol Oates description of “educated cultured blacks”.

I’m hood mixed black. And have never been a bougie hoe!! All you!! The Trudz!! With a z. For HIV.


Die you white supremacist whore!!

I’m proud of my degrees. I worked 2 jobs during undergrad to pay my way through school. One in a daycare. One in a shelter for pregnant and parenting teen girls.

And I got full fellowship — for creative writing — to grad school. Because I did the work! 😡

Jealous whore.

There are hood niggaz who have phD’s. In ATL. So I’m glad they know you find them annoying. I only have an MFA. And grad credits. They are a REQUIREMENT TO KEEP UP WITH MY PROFESSION! 😡

They are proud of their degrees as well. They WORKED for them. They should be proud of themselves. I’m proud of them as well.

Another thing you lied about. You have no degrees. Because you a sociopath. Sociopaths don’t like to work. They like to lie, cheat, steal, and stalk.

I have to go back to class. I’m mad late from lunch. But I did not cry. Jobless lazy hoe. Go take a “sleepcation.” I barely get sleep. Always, working, at multiple things. That have nothing to do with myself

All you!!

35 dollars for pizza.

400 dollars for camera equipment

5000 dollars for a new Mac.

No one is buying you shit bitch!! Least of any “young ballers”, in hip hop. With your nestles toll house cookies. And stock photography ripped off the internet. That you claim is yours.

All lies!!

Get! A! Job! You do not deserve to just make “art”. You’ve never had a job. And you’re not speaking for HIV positive women who own their bodies. Once you turn into a predator. And child molestor. You cannot get your body back. And you have abused many people. Including myself. To make your ass who you are.

GET A FUCKIN JOB! YOU HIV spreading whore!! Don’t come near any men I care about. Past. Present. Future. Or try to break up anyone else’s happy family. Damaging women. With your fatherless abused kid. Go find you five ex husbands and apologize to them for what you!! did.

Tired of this trash whore!!

This song is about YOU!! 😡 I do not know Big Sean. Never seen him. Never spoken to him. Never written to him. Have never tried to contact him — at all. I don’t “fix my eyebrows”, they’ve never been touched. And I am not #24 in no schizophrenic and abused man’s harem of hoe moment whores!!

I am no hoe!!

Jessica “Care” Moore!! You are not me ya dumb whore!!

You ain’t no “fly Taurus enchantress” — mos def.

You are stinging sociopathic Scorpio.

The chic with the horrible eyebrows. Is her!!

And even though I’m sitting in the car of the teacher who drove me to work today. Trying my best not to — cry — over what you hoes have done to my life. And everyone else’s.

So that my undocumented students. don’t see me. And get retraumatized


I — HATE — -HOES!!

DIE OF AIDS!! QUICKLY!! Kill yourselves.

For your genocide against humanity!

Ya’ll hoes are undermining the rights of women. Because there ARE men who rapists and pedophiles. But if you rape men and prey on high school aged boys (I peeped you looking at that little gay 15 year old child, Bad Dominicana. Calling him beautiful. Tryna convince him to try you. Same as I peeped Jessica Moore saying she piles a whole bunch of high school boys into her car. hiv positive or not? Those are CHILDREN! 😡) you ain’t no better than men are. As women.

And Dream Hampton preys on kids as well. Now, in London.

Anybody who knows this kid. He’s 19. Keep him away from Dream Hampton.

Anybody who asks. I will do just that. But if it’s a public pic. That you can just google on the internet. Well then, check mom dukes on that. She’s the one who posted it. All over the internet. Without a father’s consent. Most likely.

This is my blog and children I love.

And since it ain’t your kid.

Just worry bout your HIV spreading. That’s your biggest line of work. How not to use your body to entice men. Who have no clue that you have spread HIV to — thousands — of them. ya little devil. Not the way you resolve issues with men. Or, white people.

BAD Dominicana. Desperate for retweets. And likes. No one likes — the truth — I write. Except a few righteous heads. And it does not need to be retweeted. Since, you reading it. Which, is the purpose.

I’m busy hoe!! At work.

Damn. I’m at work hoe!!

Nope. YG didn’t try to steal my identity.


He — fell up in love — and got pissed. At 2 HIV spreading men. 2 of whom tried to harm me. One, who didn’t. And doesn’t spread HIV. Cuz he ‘wraps his steak in plastic’ he ‘don’t want no accidents’. Darryl. Who was purposefully infected. And is in a monogamous relationship.

Infected By Dream Hitler Hampton. Because she stalks any man I give a fuck about. Which, is why all you hip hop niggaz have suffered. Jessica Moore is her sidekick. She does the same shit.

Dream Hampton. Who is a “friend” of Jessica Moore. And Ava DuVernay. Who does the same shit, and more. Any man in a position of power she tries to infect. So I’d be real careful with those whores!!

Leave the hoes!! — alone.

This shit is very deep and includes extremely powerful black women. Mad at men. For infecting them. In a hoe moment. Which is why? You should probably change your lifestyles. Some black women are preying on you.

It’s highly charged. I do not agree with this tactic to get ya’ll to wake up and see that your abuse of women must stop. But if you a hoe who shakes your ass for cash. Or does sex work and spreads HIV. I get why ya’ll get treated like shit. And some of you are mad aggressive and when a nigga pushes you off of him or says no. All of a sudden you’ve been assaulted. High school girls with fully made up faces. And no parental supervision. Tryna act like black men are pedophiles. Posting erroneous information. Like that little fast girl tried with *the game*.

Keep me out of yo trash lifestyle shit!!

I’m on the extra luv tip.

Lupita survived sexual harassment. And abuse. Hasn’t every woman on the planet.

She does not spread HIV. Ava DuVernay. Like you do. Lie, cheat, and steal ideas from other people.

Intellectual property hoe!!

Keep yo devil ass away from any men I’ve loved. Past present future. Ya heard? And don’t you — dare — go near Stedman. 😡Good!

Some people — care — about black women and HIV infections. Skank trash sociopathic bitch!!

I am proud to stand for the lgbqia community. I do not believe in having plastic surgery to actually — change your gender. 😮 and ya’ll keep pretending I am crazy for saying this. And, I’m not. It’s an unpopular idea. Because it is not PC. But neither is being hooked on the pharmaceutical industry for anything that isn’t life threatening or based on a biological need. Like you need chemotherapy. Or birth control. Or, viagra (😒 but no abortion tho. Ya’ll such woman haters it’s unbelievable. Gotta fight these hoes who want to be women and mock us. Gotta fight these hoes who want to keep they dicks hard. But your inability to withdraw is our fault. 😒 if you don’t know how to use your penis correctly. Then maybe you don’t need no viagra.

Anyway: BIOLOGICAL WOMEN’S RIGHTS! Thank you! If you can’t have children cuz you are not a biological woman. Then you really can’t speak too heavily on this topic. What you can do is shut your mouth and listen. But you have no right to make any decisions on what women decide to do with our bodies.)

Pro choice does not mean, yeah! I’m an extremist!! A black one!! And my mama actually white! 😒 Let me have 666 abortions (I am not Jessica Moore or Dream Hampton). It means, I have a choice to make a decision about my own body. And what I decide to do with it if I am not causing damage to any other human. If that little nigga can’t live without feeding off of me? Well then, that zygote/embryo is part of me. And if I say get out! Yo daddy a hoe!! You gots to go!

(Black boyfriend: abortion is wrong!

Me: No. Abortion is a human right. Being a lying, cheating, stealing hoe!! Is wrong. But you don’t stop. So shut the fuck up.)

(Lying, cheating, stealing hoes!! are not just men. For the vinyl. I mean, record.)

Watch your man!

Code: “gargantua” amount of HIV infections. Fly into Jacksonville international if you looking for a prostitute. And tea. And vinyl.

Jesse James, btw. Was a white — bank robber, liar, and — murderer. A sociopath. Legendary.


I love my poetry homies in the bean. Repeat. On what an excellent father, and BPS teacher. He is.


I cannot believe, truly. That these chics get to be hoes who have spread HIV all around the globe for 25 years. And just live off stolen poetry that speaks for other people. And black murder money. It’s unbelievable. Truly. That Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton/mad black thot/prison culture/common white girl/++, get to interfere in other people’s lives and relationships. Their actions. But I write about what their sociopathic asses and their followers have been doing. And I’m demonized.

People will sell their souls. For a name and some fame and some money.

I’m keeping my soul? Intact. And my actions, righteous. Bump that. And they still tryna break up people’s marriages. And interfere in other people’s relationships. Hoes yo.

And because men don’t like to listen to good women. Because they are so enticed by superficialities, like color of skin, hair texture, and some more dumb ass shit. They have fallen for the okie doke.

Meanwhile there are beautiful talented women who don’t fit ya’lls stereotypes for beauty? And they just get, ignored. You recycle all the same women. Who have track records of abusing niggaz. And then you wonder why yo ass is lonely.

Smh. Step out your little Hollywood/celebrity bubbles. Date a regular chic. You’ll be happier. Just like those chics should date some regular men.

Like, find your own partners. Stop tryna interfere in everyone else’s shit. Running through these men and women, like people don’t have feelings. 😒

When you are NOT the only poet from Boston tho. 😮 And are totally aware that one poet does not represent an entire city.

Those my peoples. I’ve known niele for like 15 years. Cole for like 10. And Art. Since 7th grade. He’s my best friend from Childhood’s first love. Lol! And my homie Ray’s nigga. Lol

He has a daughter with Down’s Syndrome. He is such a good father. Like all my male homies.

There are LOTS of poets in Boston.

Slavery is over. Black identity extremist lady. We are now dealing with people going to prison for things like drugs. And sex work that isn’t rape. And unequal access to quality education. And healthcare. And police brutality. And, like water and food and shelter. In the Caribbean. Issues that affect black and brown people disproportionately at the same time that they affect everybody. Hence — real intersectionality.

(This chic HATES any man, especially black men, who has a real penis that he uses with a woman. But she still is sex positive and can sleep with as many of them as she chooses. 😒

Are these niggaz you were “sex positive” with? 😒 they are telling the truth. Feminista Jones IS a scam artist. I know this personally. She was when she was a teen. Lookin like she was 25. Playin niggaz for they money, using her booty. And that is not feminism! She need to change her lifestyle! 😡


You are going to have to get over slavery. Harriet Tubman got over it. Joined the army.

And she was a slave! 😡

Black privileged people in 2017 would never have survived any form of slavery. Probably couldn’t even do 1 day in jail without losing their minds. And asking if they could have their makeup.

They don’t allow you to have shit. They should lock you up. That would make you exercise.

(This chic is truly living between 1845 and 1973. Teacher lesson: you learn history so that you know where you came from and don’t make the same past mistakes. Not to transport yourself, backwards, to those time periods. I am not going back to slavery. I am not going back to Jim Crow. And I am not living in the damn past. It’s — over.)


Have a good day. Work. And it’s one of those days I would rather wear a blue vest. Getting paid to tweet, mostly.

But not really. Reminder to take a personal day. To sleep.

Donate. If you can.

Peace and harmony ya’ll.

And absolutely abaayo. On all of it. Including this:

If ya’ll didn’t know this? Love and Money are not synonyms.


It is horrific. It is a bipartisan issue. And we’re not fighting the right people.

We should be lending tactical support to the Somali National Army. Should they ask for it.

Fighting Extremism.

Because nothing good comes from any form of extremism. Whether it’s black identity. Or Al Shabab. And ya’ll, on there, are selling tshirt 😒 Like you have any real understanding of what it is like to actually risk your life for causes that are truly intersectional.

Like you have ever lived under the terror of extremism.

Ya’ll racists. Prejudice + power. And you want to control the narrative for black people in America. You’ve been fighting for years to do this. And I am saying. No. We’re working straight across party lines. Character only. You make decisions on who you want to represent you. Not by political party or skin color. But based on character and actions.

Because as a teacher. Your job is not to dictate a particular political stance. It’s to facilitate an understanding of different political stances. So your students can make informed decisions based upon their beliefs.

So I’m transparent. I do not do polyamory. Do not have, casual sex. Do not spread HIV.

Your turn Deray. To be transparent.

Those are kinda fly. But em isn’t going anywhere. My voice is both needed and desired. And the coded language is no longer coded. I studied linguistics. In grad school. And have no interest in Chris Brown beyond his music. And less than zero interest in Jay Z. Please tell Beyoncé.


Never. Women need our egos. Men? Don’t.

Tell your little hoe ass son to put his ego to the side. I will beat that little entitled niggaz ass? Silly!!

I seriously think it’s time for you to retire from hip hop. Live off your investments. You worth 820 million dollars? 😳 And could only give 100 gz to Puerto Rican’s?

No chartered boats to the Caribbean? No coordinated effort to distribute food and water? Rebuild homes? Nothing?

With Jenny from the block? 😍


Jennifer Lopez. I am so — ENRAGED! — at how hip hop has betrayed

Puerto Rico.

There is no hip hop without boricuas.

And don’t you — hoes!! — ever forget it!


You gonna be okay gurl! We got you! 😘 thank you! So much!


Shea butter. Extra virgin olive. Coconut. And sesame oil. Do it all over your body. Right in the shower. Nice little mix. Niggaz be tryna age us — quick. 😡

Ivanka Trump makes me so happy. Tough! hatin hoes!! Ivanka Trump gets mad props from women in the hood. They really like…



Nah. Chill.



To these — bitch ass hip hop hangin — old ass super capitalist black supremacist niggaz (I have all the pictures of ya’ll poppin bottles in the club wit that nigga. Pussies!! 😒) — FATHER!!



I actually like chillin with kids in middle school. 🙃 Who — look — like kids in middle school. And would not be caught — dead — tryna hit up no 37 year old rapper with three kids and a girlfriend. Ever. 😳 Her parents? Would kill her. Lol!

(And, slight bias. Taurus. We are not extroverts like that. We prefer stability. And consistency. Family. Very loyal people. To a fault sometimes. So pick through all these little boys like you are deciding on which “full course meal” you want. Can’t step up? Get lost!! 😏)




The game? Is unavailable.

Rapper. The Game.


(Good choice! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)

Oh, I think it would be a good idea for Amazon to move to Detroit. That city needs a lot of help. As long as ya’ll get Jessica Moore a job where her mouth stays shut and she does data entry? Or packs shipments? Something slave labor black. Cuz she has no other skills but hoeing and stealing. Oh, and raping little boys in high school who she gives HIV to. 😡

I’m all for it. But, only if she gets a slave labor job. So she can help “save” that city. For real.

I truly love the country I’m from. Not just a city. The United States of America. I am glad I am an American. I would not want to be anything other, than who I am.

I was born in the hood — in Boston. The actual city. So when I say I’m from Boston? That’s what I mean.

Because it’s — the truth.



Wow. Black Twitter is the voice of the African American community?


Guess I must be setting a new standard. Cuz the “men will be men”, and “women are hoes and bitches”?

Doesn’t work for me. Personally. I don’t know how ya’ll get down, on there, but I dislike both men who are hoes and women (see: why when I went to see my boy from Howard, seven years ago on my first trip to LA, that nigga tried to get some. 😒Couldn’t get any in 1991. Couldn’t get any 7 years ago. Got mad. Asked me to leave his crib. Because it was so ‘many years that i loved you, Erica, and I want to marry you…’

Nigga please!! 😒 that’s how you show love? Letting me eat your food? Play sonic? And crash on the couch? While you fuck a new hoe every other day?

LOUDER! Sangin! “You know you can’t deeeeal! Cuz I’m a bitch that’s real! Muthafuckaz need to step off. Step back, ya need to chill. Cuz I’m doin my own thang…”



So I bounced. While he called some other hoe. As per usual. 😒 Got in MY rental. Rented MY hotel room. For the night. Then drove to San Diego to go chill with my Mexican chef homie. Who made me — and his wife and kids — the BOMB fish tacos.

And I had my first surfing lesson.

I had the best vacation! Not one time did he try and get no pussy!

Thank you wives! Love you!)