these pictures — below — i took, because i was there. camped out. i also march for black lives mattering! but i’m waaaay busy — screeeeaaaaming! and taking no pictures at all. guess who did not want to bail Wall Street out? Paul Ryan.

paul ryan, btw, already knows i don’t agree with him on everything. lmao! but paul ryan also knows how to compromise. as do i. and paul ryan? loves america. and believes in democracy. and people who work — hard — off their own slave labor merits! (even when they are “coon!” “bitch!” “come see me fuck boi, here’s my schedule!” on twitter. that dude works 24/7! lmmfao!

he’s a king now, as well. *shrug*)

you’re right, btw, FJ! you! are all those things you said about yourself! and your son? will be an emperor! cuz i already know, if i called you and told you that your son was running haywire all over the school, bullying kids, and doing what he wanted to in class — instead of what all the other children are doing, with, differentiated instruction! and, that i’d like to meet with you, and his dad, and him — at the same time? so we’d all be on the same page?

you’d say, sure! and make time to talk to me, as his teacher. instead of complaining about all the teachers your son has ever had!! because, we’re the bad ones! and it has nothing to do with a hoe moment mommy!!

that’s, what excellent parents — in all their diversity — do! they work together with their children’s teachers. to do the best by their children!

#duh #we know — jealous resentful lying stealing cheating sociopathic hip hop hoe!!

i’m going to bed! again! another day of multitasking! no sleeping until 1 for me. i don’t get to sleep! working 2 full time jobs, plus my pick up a shift delivery gig!

battling the vampire hoes!! who have no jobs at all!! but, writing poetry built off my life, and stealing films from marginalized people and/or, coopting people who struggle with mental differences? entire lives!

because i have such a good father? i don’t hate them. i just strongly dislike the 2 mixed hip hop and sociopathic, lying stealing cheating hoes!! hoes!! hoes!!

more work to do in the morning! i have no problems, sleeping. i just can’t. i have to stay up and fight these chics! until they do what they are told, making restorative justice (you can scroll down and see the conditions for forgiveness) — or, they’re dead!! dead pigeons!! (i really hope that doesn’t come true. but, my ex? who is now a righteous man! said, that it would. he took pictures of them. smh.)

and guess what? no one in hip hop, will care! because, they don’t!! lol!

goodnight/good morning/good late afternoon — china! lol!

(just a quick reminder. i wrote to one person only. it’s dream hampton, and jessica care moore — who decided to spread it everywhere. they had a plan. to take over hip hop, for their hoe moment money!! and, it failed!!

my plan? was — and is — to save hip hop! for future generations of children, on a happy and healthy planet! where humans are conservative about how they use and abuse the earth! and i’m not compromising human biodiversity, or the planet! so ya’ll hoes?! can fuck off!! or don’t! masturbate! lmao!)

you’re an “ironhead”! — dad! (nope! you can’t have my dad! he belongs to my mom, me, my brothers, my nephew, my aunt, my cousin, her man, and — little Bilal! who is not a bully — at all! he’s very sensitive to other little kids! including his little homie with down’s syndrome! his mother would whoop his ass if he ever bullied that little boy! little Bilal? doesn’t like bullies! at all!)

and “you must learn!” — krs one!

your king? is king moore! (you’ve had enough kings! hoe!! no more!! unless, you start talkin to that muslim, uber driving refugee, who you had a very good conversation with, and dissed — probably after fuckin him lmao! — in reality! least he got paid, for that ride! *side eye* lmao!)

you know who the only person i really fear is? my dad! he is going to KILL ME! *DEAD!* lmmfao! just like ivanka trump’s father almost did, when she brought home that jewish man! lmao!

(big difference. my father is not a hater! he’s a really good man! donald trump should act exactly like him! how much you want to make a bet? this entire planet? would be singing that coke commercial, with the balance of colors adjusted — to represent the truth of humanity! — which i did drink today. 1 can of coke. which does not make me evil!! everything in moderation! that white chic in the beginning? is ivanka! lmao!)

(tell me i’m not funny! dave! you know I'm funny! lmmao!)

i guess you didn’t hear me, hoe!! this is real life! i don’t give a fuck who “wins” the superbowl!

prince, is mixed! all purple rain! (i feel him! “i never wanted to be your weekend lover/all i wanna be is some kind of friend/baby i could never steal you from another/it’s such a shame our friendship had to end”! *side eye* i’m still that niggaz friend! for life! which is why he is going to get the help! and support! that he needs! and, if it doesn’t happen?

there will be hell to pay!!

the NFL needs to do the right thing!

(i told you jessica care less is a sociopathic, divide and conquer, about to be a dead pigeon — brained bitch!! cuz “atlanta”? is not coming to save her. and neither — is “boston”.)

good luck patriots! good luck falcons! we are not in competition! lmao! we don’t do that, care less!! that’s you, and your nightmare “friend” who will throw each other under the bus!! cuz, you’re sociopaths!!

i don’t have no crush on nas! i love nas’ music! wtf?! this hoe!! thinks I'm her!!

I'm not! I'm me!

NO MEANS NO! hoes!! and you will not be forgiven? until you do what you are told! and make restorative justice!


a) check yourselves into psyche wards! b) get jobs!, c) call your baby’s fathers! d) don’t ever go near any other women’s men, again!

you’re sick? because you are a first “shift” woman! and you keep on thinking? that you are second and third!! you’re not! you’re a #1, and only! and i think that’s how you’ve lived your life? from the very beginning! no copies!! 2 late!! lmmfao!

my um, step daughter? maybe? (she has a biological mother!) is healthy and well fed! but honestly? i hope she doesn’t just wear red! that’s oppressive!! and super bipolar!! lmmao! but not in a bad way! in a good way! lmao!

(we have to be friends! first! no compromise! and you have to pay for EVERYTHING, but the tip on the first date, anyway! i’m tired of paying for these niggaz!! really! i always pay! they ain’t never given me one red penny! lmao! i didn’t want their money! LOVE! damn!!)

jessica care less’s son is not healthy!! he’s marginalized, and bullied!! because, he follows what she does and bullies other kids!! children learn from the ACTIONS of their parents! not what they say!!

and jessica care less’s son? has no father! on purpose! because she is a lying, cheating, stealing, greedy, sociopathic hoe!!

and guess what she will never ever do? fuck up someone else’s family! leave his kids — fatherless! to “fall in love sometimes” for her “art”!! before she finds the next man to use and abuse!! women in horrible amounts of pain cuz she does not care about anyone, but herself!!

while good women, like me! get left — to rot! and fight back, against their abuse — with little support — at all costs!

like, hip hop!

jessica care less’s son’s father? that man! pays child support and hasn’t seen his own son! since he was 1!

and it’s all that dumb bitches fault!!

do i need to write again what that sociopath needs to do? in her “salt city”?

tryna throw dirt on my name! and falsely accuse me of shit? i have never had anything to do with!

i LOVED the men i’ve been with, and, i always will! but i’m not gonna be no harem hoe!! ever! and, neither will their women!

because they did not sign up for that! facts! so, those men will do what the fuck they’re told — off my pain! unrighteous!! no fuckin knowledge of self!!

they’ve been schooled! :)

(you might think success is being on a stage, running your mouth unrighteously!! after stalking me for years and years, having hoe moments all over the planet!! selling books on your moore black press, when your mixed! talkin bout black women rockin [another stolen, and been sued over — idea], while the hoe collects the majority of the money, and pockets it!! building off my life. lying, cheating, and stealing!!

i think that success is happiness! and love! and joy! and doin the dougie! and teaching — your children — how to be righteous loving human beings! complete with? discipline! because, you can’t have children running around all over the place, doing whatever they want!! jessica care less thinks that lining up is a military dictatorship, but supports veterans? like her dad?! lmao!

no dumb pigeon brained bitch!!

lining up? is order! not chaos!! get fuckin real!

obviously, a lot of ya’ll have never been teachers! you wouldn’t last, 1 week with that dumb shit!! those kids would walk right over you!! lmao! they don’t walk right over me! i learned my lesson! from veterans!

in formation! (which is not me! that’s beyoncé! who, i’m humbled to say. actually — loves me! she thinks I rock! because i inspired her? to put her man in check! lmao! and I, love beyoncé as well! thank you sis! for reinspiring me! through your music!)

now, i’m turning on this! cuz I dance, with my kids! while, they laugh at how much work i need to do — in that department! since i’m still doin the cabbage patch!

they’re teaching me! they insist on it! so i listen, to what they want! and do what I'm told! lmao!

seat at what table? a black only table?! i’m not black only!

i want a diverse table! of all kinds of women! just like — humanity!

i don’t want to put my poem, in tribute to amadou diallo and sean bell, on here! i want to read it? to my man! mind your business dream hampton!!

i’m so fuckin sick of, and from, these sociopathic stalking hoes!!

i’m going to repeat this again as well. i don’t do harem hoe niggaz. those were their decisions (unbeknownest to me). my decision has always been to find my emperor — and love him! and only him! (that’s EXACTLY who i am! and, i’m not ashamed that i want to have a husband who treats me with equality and respect. and i can be free! to be me! instead of being oppressed! !and some babymaking harem hoe slave!! is there something wrong with that? no! there is not! lol!)

i, turn men? to kings! off my own slave labor merits! facts!

zendaya, please don’t try and insult me on twitter. i don’t know you. but i think it may be wise for you to stay out of a hip hop conflict (that i didn’t even know about) which has existed since before you were born! and something could have been done about it. many many years ago! by the “revolutionary”, dream hampton, who’s really? a super capitalist nightmare!!

“i hate hip hop” — dream hampton

“life after hip hop” — dream hampton.

(you know what that means? dream hampton hates marginalized black and brown children! who survived their hood being turned into a war zone!! so, they tagged their names all over the city of new york , trains— we’re here! can you see us? — took old records of all genres of music and spun and scratched them to make something new — rapped their asses off — we’re here! can you hear us? — and danced their way? to joy!

there’s more than one MC! because hip hop? is collective! and about, love, peace, and unity! which is why those 2 hoes?! ain’t dead yet!! and, will do what they are told! restorative justice! or, they can die!! I care, not!

if you’d like a history lesson, zendaya? feel free to link with krs one! I 100% can guarantee? he will not treat you like a hoe moment chic!! because krs has a daughter? who’s older than you! and krs one? respects women and is very ol school! he — tells the truth! and, is actually from? the south bronx! lol! his show, at the Middle East? is the last hip hop show i went to, besides talib kweli’s, where i arrived late to miss that hoe!! — you quoted — on stage. because i am so disgusted with these hoes — bullshit, i’m having a huge problem listening to any new music, and hip hop is responsible for saving my sanity — since i was a little girl! the Middle East? is where, i proceeded to rap all the lyrics to KRS One’s old ish! while my boy, vcr — the poet — who has the longest running open mic in the city of boston? just looked at me like, you really are — a hip hop head! lmao! true!)

i’m not a “dumb fuck!” i’m quite intelligent. and you are not the black statue of liberty. you are mixed. biracial. and you should learn to love yourself for who you are. i understand that we live in the most racially stratified country on earth (I'm, truly, old enough to be your mother — as an adult, not a teen! lol! and you will respect me? because i’m a good adult. if I wasn’t? i would not care if you insulted me. and put me in check. but you ain’t checkin me. over shit that’s been done? that is so horrible — people died for it!) —

hip hop is diverse! and, worldwide!

please go back to your acting. you’re a very talented young lady. and you have a successful career that you really don’t want to fuck up? by getting involved with mixed women who are ashamed of — and lie about — who they are — and who have built everything that they have? off of other people’s slave labor, and pain! and will use you as well. they are sociopaths!!

and i, will protect you — from them!! because, you are one of my kids!

thank you! much love!

(great name btw! we have something in common. my middle name is marie as well. spelled, with an “i”, and an “e”. the french way. and yes. i will “stoermer” those hoes?! until they do what they’re told! lmao!)

those hoes!! wanna act like they’re oppressed! and imma say it again! and it will be myopic and redundant! cuz hoes have a hard time learning!! too busy fuckin their way through hip hop and stealing men’s money, and dumping them for the come up off other people’s slave labor!

are you in prison, for your crimes against humanity?

has anybody come to snatch you out your stolen money cribs yet? and beat your 2 hoe moment asses silly!! (just like you deserve!!)

has anything been done to you — at all — except the truth! being written about you!! protesting your abuse and injustice?!


so here’s what restorative justice looks like for sociopathic hoes!!

a) intense inpatient therapy b) get a job! (you don’t want to work on your own merits!) c) figure out where your baby’s fathers are so those kids can have the relationships they are entitled to have — with their dad’s! d) keep your nasty asses away from married and/or committed men!! (and keep it that way — eternally! cuz you don’t love those men. you only ever gave a fuck? cuz I do! my pain! not your’s!! fuckin sociopaths!!)

and, you will have paid your debt? to society!

keep it up? i keep it up! till, your in prison!! (and no! i’m not editing for the comma! cuz i don’t feel like it! lmao!)

i am patiently waiting for my emperor! who’s a regular ass person! (besides…he has two ee’s in his name. e — double! my nicknames:

e -money! e -double! e-love! and just plain ass e! at least, with black and brown people lol!)

(and guess what i won’t be doing, going back to any dumb ass dudes who tried to treat me like #1 — in their harem of hoes!! ya’ll should know better than to do that ISIL shit!! you know what your mothers dealt with! don’t do that shit again!! or, i’m choppin off heads!)

yup! protect the water — standing fuckin solid as a rock — shaun i’m ashamed to be mixed, king only!! — and leave other people’s husbands, and other people’s lives, alone! jessica care less (shaun king’s wife? better watch her man!! that hoe will fuck anything!! she’s nasty!! and filthy as shit!! ACTIONS! lmao!)

that nigga got a family! and guess who’s side I'm on? his wife’s! lmao!

americans, of all colors, are hella better people than a small portion of the american population gives americans credit for. everybody is always complaining about how horrible this country is. and yes. it has a brutal and horribly unjust history of abuse and oppression.

and the people who do the most complaining about it? can’t find one good thing to say about it? are its current biggest abusers and oppressors.

i love america. i’m an american. it’s the country i was born and raised in. i’m not going out on my country like a punk. it’s the only place where you can truly say and do this:

james baldwin left france. not because france is a horrible place. but because he recognized he was living off some elite status given to him by the oppression of black and brown folks here. watching, as “algerians were disappeared” from the streets. because they were/are muslims. in france, you can’t even wear your hijab in school. france has a brutal history of oppressing muslims. he was like, bump this! i ain’t watching black people, and righteous americans protesting for their civil rights and sittin my bougie ass in france! (jessica care less and nightmare hampton). i’m comin right back home, to be with the regular people! lmao! the whole continent of africa has a brutal history of being oppressed by europeans. that ain’t us.

at least in america, you can wear what you choose (covered! sensibly! for me! my choice! lmao!). and protest your ass off when something is unjust. people fight back in america. for our rights to be free. indigenous americans (who still exist! dave chapelle is the man! lol!) to black and brown folks in slavery (we’ll just have to revolt!), to chinese indentured servitude and japanese internment (i don’t think so!) to working class irish and italians being treated like dogs (uh uh!)…we all fight back! lol!…and this country is going to become the world’s example for what a peaceful, happy, healthy, planet looks like. if you don’t want that? take your ass to jupiter. big ball of hot air and gasses that a few of you are. haters!!

“i’m stayin right here/i ain’t livin in fear/with my peeps who are mexican, muslim and queer./and we ain’t gonna let you fuck up four years./ain’t gonna let you fuck up four years.” — macklemore (on YG and nipsey’s FDT)

best rap song, parts 1! and 2! (ya’ll must have been manic! lmao! oh hell no! i’m fighting back against injustice and abuse!) — of 2016.

thank you “gangstas”! much respect to you! lmao!

keep it up! and stay up!

Imma take a nap. I’ll check for the hoes responding to my healthy peaceful sleep--tryna keep me awake to make me sick? Later! Hold it down righteous Black folks! (And do not attack Ivanka Trump! Thank you!)

That nigga is so hurt! Talkin bout Rolling Stones.

This is me:

The only #2 I do? Is when I’m with my man! Lmao! But, we gotta be friends! First! I will always be, the number one and only in my man’s world. When it comes to his penis. I don’t share. Dick. Those are the already dead pigeons!! They flock together and will fly back to the nest? To get eaten alive. Cuz, they stupid as shit!! *Shrug* find your own man, and you won’t have problems with other women. 😊 Nightmare, Care Less, and I ain’t Carey’ing that back seat ass — on my back — either. ✌🏾

i was not feeling any of those nerdy white boys, btw! they actually tried to to kill me. in the game. so, i quit.

this time, i won’t be quitting. they will die — first!

fuck 100. my mana? on 4hunnid! lmao!

(I'm, the healer. but we know, how to use magic. to cast other spells.

to kill!)

dungeons and dragons is not all that dramatic, as you want to make it. it’s because, i played with rich white nerdy boys. who were outcasts. in sixth grade. and they informed me, that a girl? could not be dungeon master. but, i told the best story! so, i’m dungeon master! and i’m staying the fuckin dungeon master! lol!

I'm “black”, and can’t play spades! which means? i’m not “black”!

lmmfao! and, “i don’t give a fucc!”

like this! (the song! not the man! damn! lmao!)

that’s cool! i’ve been taught about 7 times. i never remember.

spades? bores me.

I like complicated, thinking games. that involve strategy, and mana — dungeons and dragons. on paper.

and rpg’s/rbg’s.

back to work! slave labor! lmao!

i like that nigga! a lot! and i want him to be my friend! offline! (which is a ‘uge — rarity! i’m not a “rolling stone” that’s, mariah carey. I'm not, mariah carey. nor, do i ever want to b. lmao!)

anybody got keenon’s mother’s number? she can vet me! (that dude, has been super damaged. by hoe moment hip hop whores!!)

yg? i’m really nice. i’m not mean. only when i have to be. i will curl up in your arms? and cry. when the time is right. stop lookin all mopey on stage! lmao! you act like i’m some horrible person!! lmao! and the men I've loved?

can attest to this:

you don’t have to be my man!! you’re free! a free black man! you can love? whoever you choose! i just like you. that’s all. and i have no idea why you would put a permanent tat? on your chest? with my initials? if you did not like me as well. *shrug* you figure it out. i have no desire to lock you up in a prison. i want you to be happy! you never have done a thing to me? but, support me! when, few would. *doing your best to be righteous* but I realize, it’s a lot to ask of any artist. to not be hoe moment nigga. and that’s?

all i do. no hoe moments. ever. just like your daughter will. :)

(i do not have a crush. on drake. i like his music? but not him.

I like, black on both sides men. like my dad! who is the best dad? ever!)

kirsten west savali. will you please write one article, for *the root*, on the murder of all people — by police officers in the united states. of nothing. keep “america”, out of it! america? is north, central, and south! writing US is good enough. everyone knows? who you are referring 2!!

and again, guess who never seen no pussy from me? catch wreck! catch wreck? got put on? by public enemy #1! and guess what?!

your totally public, been around the world pussy, hoe moment chic filthy asses!! ya’ll are done with! “catch wreck!!!!!!!”

in hip hop! actually, in music? in general! (hey KID ROCK! you hangin in there?!) because that’s what hip hop music is! it remixes everything under the sun! for something new! and life bringing! and we are winning!

you can also — go natural! nothing by super virgin olive oil! twisted? once! in — cuba! after that?! my hair? grew how it chose! which, is why i’m not bald!! lmao! (i design my own jeans. depending? on my “feelings”! in this pic? i was with a super abusive somali nigga. who needed some masculine energy? to kick that hoe moment ass into the position? the position? he will die in!! with — his one white wife only! and, beautiful mixed and diverse family! lmmfao! guess who he is supporting, during the duration of his entire life?

because, i said so!!!!!!! and that collective has more creativity in their brains! than he does? in his penis!! lmao!

“you are my teacher.”

yeah. i know *major side eye!*)

i think black women should know? if you want to get your hair straightened? you can! all natural! the *dominican blowout!* lmao! (and you will tip those women well?! cuz that’s A LOT OF SLAVE LABOR! LMAO!)

BLACK WOMEN? are going to ride for ALL HUMANITY! and, that’s just how it is! cuz all people? come from black on both sides WOMEN! on the continent, of africa! (this not some fantasy that i made up. i learned about mitochondrial dna in high school. from my white male teacher. mr. howard. lmao! thank you mr. howard! thank you brookline! ❤)

hey, “ebroji”! (who is not fuckin funny!! at all!! those white kids saw right through his ass! and kicked him the fuck out their suburban school system! become an actor! you better at that! — that, shit is hilarious!!!!!!! lmao!)

this is for all those beautiful black EMPRESSES! (shonda rhimes? will you please kick that light skinned lying cheating hoe moment nigga off your show already! everyone knows he slept with 1/2 the people on it!

hahahahahahaha! lmao!)

dave chapelle?! is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

boycott the mixed shaun king!! until he tells the truth! about who he is!

“i have a white mother, and a black father. i am mixed!”

(shaun king? got his ass beat!! lmmfao! nearly half to death! for some super unrighteous shit, by a white boy! lol! and i want to know — the truth!)

suheir? go write some poems. and get a job!! your twitter shit? is oppressive!! your poetry? is righteous! and i already peeped your 1st page? where you were just hunting for followers. and, screenshotted it. either you have horrible 3rd eye vision? or, you are so angry at what has happened to Palestinians? you will support unrighteousness!!

i’m angry as well. and i understand your pain. but you will never support any hoe moment women in hip hop? and say you’re born black. you ain’t black! you are a light skinned, flat assed, pointy nosed, “good hair”, palestinian. make a decision. or, i have to cut you!! cuz poetry? is not enough!

I'm? blacker than you! facts!

(excellent work. *frantz fanon* true!)

shaun king, shut the fuck up! since you can’t even bring yourself to say? i have a white mom! black dad! i am mixed! you’re trash!! who cheats on your wife!! and does all that megachurch preaching bullshit!! now? just in journalism!!

not one, not one article — on white people being murdered by the police!

there are black women journalists? who will write you out the picture, quicker than you can say, i’m a hoe!!

read! steve bannon is an alcoholic who did the best he could, trying to save the earth! and then said — fuck it!! i will destroy it instead!!

just like dream hampton!!

‘no one wants to listen to me!! i will find another fuckin planet!!’

(boo hoo hoo!! hoe!! nightmare hip hop hoe!! this is not about YOU!!)

steve bannon, needs to go back to?

his working class Irish roots! or, we’re sending him to Ireland?

to be killed!! by the IRA!

(steve bannon is welcome to meet me in boston. and have a black and tan at the behan. where i will be protected!)

guess what? there is no black or brown woman, who works, and works, and works, off her own slave labor merits? that paul ryan will ever cause damage. because paul ryan? is a righteous man. who has loved a black hoe moment woman!! and has a white wife. who is a democrat!

that is not his character, to cause damage!! agreed! there are things he needs to figure out. but just cuz you don’t see all of the struggle — on twitter? does not mean that man is not working his slave labor job! as — speaker of the house! (when, he probably should have been the next president. smh. those old white racist republicans in congress? they almost about to die!!

I'm? going green! save the planet! we ain’t got any other planet? to go to!!

ya’ll got a twitter secret, that i don’t know about?!

get. fuckin. REAL!)

dream hampton? get therapy! immediately! and don’t you ever go near ahi!

i’m gonna tell the black only, mixed hoe!!, what she needs to do — for the “b”illionth time! read the fine print! read — the struggle! for FREE!

  1. turn in all your firearms
  2. check yourself into a psyche ward (yup. inpatient. the abuse is that bad!!)
  3. call your baby’s father
  4. find your own man (or don’t. you don’t need a man. you need to love a king! your son! really! not just for the photo opportunity!!)

(i wouldn’t be surprised? if jessica care moore? fucked every last man in the baraka family. smh. whore!!)

zendaya, let me be a role model to you. you are a lovely young lady.

you are mixed.

you never have to choose — ever — between your white mom! and black dad!

you never have to think that you are less than, because you are not black only!

you are a beautiful young lady just the way you are! but you are not the “Black Statue of Liberty”.

Black on Both Sides Women — Are! And you, my dear, will never coopt their voices. Ya heard?!


reading suggestion: *this bridge called my back*

fuck it! “no sleep till brooklyn!” i’m over here, working! multitasking! because emma is my toughest student! she has never been to school! *tears* and she is trying — so hard — to catch up with her peers! (1/2 Dominican, 1/2 Haitian! you have no idea what her parents went through — and all she had to go through! — to get, to — AMERICA!)

nope. talib kweli, don’t move. talib kweli is not saving you. you gonna do what i told you! talib kweli has a wife! a beautiful wife! a kind wife! who does not discriminate against people! and works! all the time! off her own slave labor merits!

and if that black on both sides woman meets you face to face? you liable? to die!! i suggest you do what you’re told — hoe!! (or face the consequences of YOUR ACTIONS!!)

(talib kweli is hilarious! lmmfao! that nigga is really confused! *thinking emoji face* hahahahahahaha! yes! reptilians — like jessica care less and nightmare hampton — have used and abused many many people!! and it is now in the process? of ending! permanently!)

i just want to send a huge shout out! to my “jewish” town lol, super excellent, and diverse “suburban kinda” lol high school! for teaching me, exactly what it means? to be an excellent american! i had some of the best teachers! a diversity of them! i love you brookline high!

shut up hoe!! you talk 2 much. mind your business. idris elba wouldn’t touch you if you paid him a billion dollars! lmmfao! your business is: 1) turning in your firearms. 2) inpatient therapy 3) calling your baby’s father 4) finding your own man. jessica care less.

thank you idris elba. that is very kind of you. but jamilah is a more appropriate option, to take on a date. she is a beautiful and brave woman. who deserves LOVE! i have a crush? on a “gangsta”. YG. and my father is going to kill me! for not finding a nice martha’s vineyard boy, with a “professional” job, who treats me like the empress i am.

but my father needs to understand, that i don’t like those men!! because the “good” men are some of the most abusive men. the ones with the quiet voices, who treat you so “gently”. are the ones who want a whole bunch of hoe moments!! with their dead pigeons!! and will abuse you like there is no tomorrow. back and forth. back and forth. sneaking behind your back while you are telling them what is happening! that you are writing to a man, manic! and they don’t give a fuck!! to them? your role is to serve them — first. and to be a “good” wife. which means — you do everything. while they do little. fly all over the country, while you stay at home drinking the pain away. because your man was a hoe!! no respect for you, at all!! he just sits back and takes all the credit for all of your creativity! doing a minimal amount of real labor!! while women do all the work!

i only have one ex boyfriend like that, anymore. and his family is checking him into a mental health facility, to get him the help he so desperately needs!

besides, the wife of a hoe moment man?!

is not who my father even raised me to be!

i like men like the dude my father was, now — before he became the best father and human being on the planet.

YG? is brazy. like me. i’ll let you know if he does not treat me like the one and only woman he has. and decides to have any more hoes riding in the back!! lmao!

(we have to be friends first. because my father also didn’t raise me to give up my pussy? to no hoe moment man who hasn’t earned my respect! and YG? understands this perfectly! because YG has one daughter only! and if any man ever treated her the way i’ve been treated — by men i have loved! — dead! lmao!)

balance donald trump. this is my opinion. i’m responding to each tweet from the top down.

  1. i’m not so sure you won the election — legit. there are a shitload of problems with the electoral college. i think we need a popular voting system. the electoral college was designed to give slave holding states more power, than those without it. that is evil. you lost the popular vote, by a lot, to hillary clinton.
  2. we need law enforcement. i wish we lived in a world where police officers weren’t needed. and maybe, one day, we will. but there are people who cause real damage to others (and i’m not talking about bullshit, like drug dealing — which is the number one underground industry in this country. you know why? supply and demand. Americans, of all colors, want drugs. or there wouldn’t be any market for them. and i think we should be focusing on treatment, and not incarceration). police officers need to be vetted. they have, and do use — all of the time — their power, to kill innocent people. i think there should be an entire online evaluation system, for police officers, just like teachers have (mr. donovan is gonna be so proud of me! as well as his police officer family!) they have to undergo training. they should represent the communities of the people they are protecting and serving. and they need mental healthcare. badly. most police officers are not bad. but they do need positive reinforcement, and serious consequences for their incorrect actions.
  3. there are certain people who should not be allowed to enter the united states of america. they are called: ISIL. a huge network of evil men. they are abusers. who rape women and children. and steal boys to turn them into child soldiers. they are very sick men. this has nothing at all to do with immigrants leaving their countries because of extreme oppression and the threat of death (many of whom leave, as a direct result of US policy.) these people should not be punished. they did nothing wrong. there needs to be a pathway to citizenship (should they decide that’s what they want), because the majority of those people? are the ones who do the slave labor jobs that more americans than hip hop refuses to discuss, are too entitled to perform.
  4. i agree. as a country, we have to decide what is the correct thing to do. collectively.
  5. super capitalism. i am not an economist. but i have a dominican american friend, who is: cruz caridad bueno. you should check with her. but i do think there is something wrong with other countries being able to charge us more for the products they create. while the people in those countries get paid very little to create them. we need to redistribute the wealth. so that the people who do all the work, anywhere in the world, get paid what that work is worth.
  6. evil. is right in the united states. we need it cleaned up. quickly. and hip hop is going to do its part, to do just that. because we are not supporting a couple of people, who commit evil — or watch it, and do nothing. that is not hip hop. that is super capitalism. and it’s a huge problem, in hip hop. and the antethesis of the culture. which was created by the poorest kids in this country. so that they had something to give them hope and inspiration — to survive.
  7. ISIL is in france. arm women. women? are furious at this abuse!!!!!!! they will end it? or they will be killed.

wrong. YOU are in need of love. you have a full time job! lmao!

they, have had all the love they could ever want. men, throwing themselves at those women’s feet. they don’t care about love. and that’s the problem. they care about who they can use and abuse, to build themselves. they dump men like it’s going out of style!!

if you had 20 years, to go see the man you “love” and didn’t? with all access to him? and all resources to get to him? you don’t deserve that man!

same thing with any chic who says that she “falls in love sometimes” to make art!! and has had 5 fuckin husbands!! and a shitload of men in hip hip who would do anything she wanted!

they, need a) therapy (in patient, preferably) b) jobs! work! on your own merits c) find your own man! and stop trying to break up people’s relationships!! that’s filthy!!

(i haven’t had the love i deserve. in so long. but you know what? i’m patient. and i will not be interfering in other people’s relationships to get a man, that i actually — want! ain’t no satisfaction in that!!)

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