Ya’ll are super dramatic (and disingenuous. And maybe that’s something you should personally address, with yourselves, since Bresha is a little girl who should not be in prison for doing the only thing she could do — with no help — and that is, kill her abusive father. That little girl should not be locked up. The system failed her. A kid in prison for fighting back against abuse — is not a culprit.

She is a victim.

That has nothing at all to do with mixed [and still lying about it] sociopathic, grown ass women, who stalk you for 10 and 20 years. who abuse others [it’s not just me, do I need to post those other folks too?!] and then — laugh about their possible suicides online, put their private insular selves on blast — forcing us to fight back, and threatening us with the police, the FBI, and men who are known to abuse women. Check that shit. Your own shit. And learn the very big differences.)

No one is in prison. No one is dying. Just, no one is abusing black or white marginalized women anymore. You did not put in any work: lying, cheating, and stealing. sociopathic hoe moment everything.

So, how bout this as a revolutionary idea?

Find. Your. Own. Man!

There are literally?

Billions of them. Those chics are not copying me any longer, and in the process — hurting more women and children.

And if you don’t understand that? Check what you define as black. Because the only black women I fuck with? Get it.

You know why?

Cuz black women, real black women, are the most abused and marginalized humans on the planet.

I know this. First hand.

Peeeeace! Let the healing begin!

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