Part five is Jessica hoe moment Moore. 5 abused and abandoned husbands. The sociopathic hip hop whore. I don’t know her. Ya’ll do tho. Stick your dicks in all her holes.

(Oh, 1, 2, 3, lying, cheating, stealing hoes. Just because someone abused you doesn’t mean you dump your HIV spreading trash on a woman who loves you. They’re not the best. They’re the worst. Get that through your head, DJ Khaled.

They’ve been contained. By women. For good.)

Ya’ll can chill with the part 1, part 2, part 3.

Three trash niggaz.

1 — excellent — woman.

Part 4 is what? Same trash shit? Ya’ll don’t know how to create anything off your own lives?

Try this.

For Asahd:

Kids in Palestine struggle daily/hungry children being fed by Israelis/I don’t have that problem though/long as I’m not a hip hop hoe/ms. m says no hoes allowed/only educated women in my house.

And let’s hope your son doesn’t grow up to be a trash nigga as well.