erica don’t support no #2’s !! those are hoes!! sorry trina and k. michelle.

we only do #1’s. have a good concert.

YG! Y?

that nigga keep this up, he may be able to get some!

he be holdin me down! like a good man! and that nigga only — 27!

i bet you he listen to everything i say — about my own damn body — as well! he listen to everything else. the 1st time.


talib kweli is “here for a reason” aiight. to stop hoes!!, in hip hop!! starting with — himself!

yes, “a flower that grows in the ghetto [does] know more about survival than the one in fresh meadows”

you forgot the other part of that! ya own rap!


“it got love for the sun! that’s where [talib kweli thinks he’s] comin from”

*side eye*


it’s *clan of the cave bear* (Dream Hampton’s indigenous american spirit animal)— come to life!! a bunch of neanderthals, and erica/ayla. who like, fuck this shit. i gotta go! i am a homo sapien sapien. ya’ll over here acting like predators. i got my weapons. i need to get some food, some clothing on my body, and some shelter! i got shit to do! like, find my people! (except, i would have figured out how to have an abortion. cuz no way i’d be giving birth to no 1/2 neanderthal baby, that was a product of rape!! fuck that!)


congratualtions FJ! on your book! *push the button*! listen, ya’ll need to start separating hoes!! from women’s sexuality! just because you enjoy sex! (and you gotta teach niggaz how to do that 2. it’s a lot of free labor, just to satisfy, yourself! lmao!)

does not make you a hoe!! being a hoe, unable to keep your legs closed, penis in your pants, lying, cheating, and stealing!! makes you a hoe!!

“these hoes ain’t loyal” — chris brown.

that is — correct!

talib kweli is not no gangsta rapper lmmfao!

talib kweli is a middle class, brooklyn brownstone raised, private school kid, who dropped out of college after sitting down with his parents to negotiate how he would get them to agree with dropping out of school. and get money, for his first mixed tape. and since he’s good — with words only — his mother supported him, and told his ass he better get a job in a bookstore, or something, while he was working on that first album.

which was very kind of her. cuz my parents’ would have been like: yo ass ain’t droppin out of school! do you want to die?


because his mother is a super — don’t run her mouth constantly — artist and teacher — ya dumb ass uppity negress!! (these people are crazy!!)

and his mother don’t know about your hoe moment ass either!!

who the fuck thinks it’s cute to be an uppity negress prostitute?! that hoe!! can get some too. with her — death — style!!

boycott uppity negress!! that bitch need a — job!


correction, i didn’t find a man like the woman i am. me and his mama taught him!

“you have to teach a man how to love you.” — my mom.

exactly. you sho nuff do. gotta grab em early lol. when they still know how to listen to — excellent! women!

(times are changing though. cuz these mothers now? are like:

i don’t think so little boy [yeah, i said boy. whatchu gonna do talib? get your ass whooped? with my fists! a deadly weapon! lmao!] you are going to know how to do everything i can do! ain’t no women coming to my crib — furious — about your dumb shit!! i’ll whoop your ass myself!

there are no black mother’s making up excuses for their son’s bad behavior, anymore. and i suggest white mother’s let their son’s know, that shit is over with. slam the door in my face, you gettin your ass whooped!

FACTS! lmao!)

talib kweli is stupid!! like, something is really off in that dude’s brain.

retweeting some dumb shit!!

even kim jong fun did not respond to that pigeon brained nigga. and he’s a korean dick — tator. like, i cannot associate myself with that man. he is much 2 stupid!! i thought i was bad!! jeez! america is really having a lot of problems, huh? where do those men, come from?

a fuckin cave. of neanderthals. you thought they died out. but, they didn’t. they alive and well — in hip hop!!

“you can’t call somebody unarmed if they’re using their fists as weapons.”

(yo! i am in tears! that is hilarious to me!!!!!!! that’s the same shit jessica hoe moment moore pulled when i told her, you stalk me, so now, niggaz are watching your every move.)

i’m a girl! and yes. i use my fists as weapons! and, my steel toed timbs.

like, extreme martial arts in this bitch!

what would you rather have me do? get a gun. and shoot you? i’m tryna stay non violent. and i care about your — mother’s — feelings. i don’t give a fuck about how you feel.


(why my dad like, “we want to live in peace.” lmmfao! yeah nigga. and peace, comes with restorative justice. period. a whole bunch of people wanted to live in peace. and had to deal with some hip hop hoe!! bullshit!! and some patriarchal black men — who donald trump thinks he is — so, restorative justice it is!

no justice! no peace! how’s that for yo hoe moment asses!! lmmfao!)

ya’ll do not know how hard it has been to find a man — like the woman i am.

nothing can tempt me. not the food you cook, the size of your booty, what you look like, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, how much money you have. nothing. nothing at all.

i keep my legs closed. unless i’m in love. and i don’t trust barely any of ya’ll.

talib kweli just mad cuz he really thought, that bitch is nobody. she’ll give me some pussy, just like jessica hoe moment moore. if i throw her some money.

and he was sadly (for him) — mistaken.

i can’t be bought. i don’t even allow men to pay for a date for me! cuz i don’t want that nigga like, “she owes me”, when he don’t get no pussy. cuz i’m very selective. highly. picky.

i pay for my own shit. from my jobs. i do not hoe to get niggaz to pay me, for doing absolutely nothing. but write some poems, running my mouth. or some 1/2 assed production on a damn film that some other nigga did the majority of the work on. funding it out of his own pockets. pussy whooped. like, really? please explain to me, what is so good about Dream Hampton and Jessica Moore’s, been all around the fuckin world pussies. Or, any of those other hip hop hoes!!

that’s changing. not one red penny. on my date with YG. nothing. i want regular people food. at a regular people spot. in a regular people car. but he can drive. cuz i don’t know Compton, or LA like that. and he need to show me around. i know peeps in LA, and from Compton. so, don’t think he my only “key to the city”.