I must have been living under a hip hop rock. Lol!

I am cleaning you up! With the help of a few woman who wouldn’t touch none of ya’ll — if you paid them. Lol!

We are only doing? LOVE!

The REAL love train. Not a train of you who have run through Jessica Moore and Dream Hampton!!


Ya’ll gonna do what the hell ya’ll wanna do. Like the hoe moment men and women you are. And imma wade right through your trash ass cest pool without getting infected by your hoe moment nastiness.

To find my. ❤️

No heathen ass hoe moment niggaz allowed! I will chop your nasty ass fucked everything penis’? Off! Stay in the hoe moment pussy pool please. And thank you for understanding we are elevating out this shit. Back to:

Cuz I am totally not feelin the majority of your nasty asses. Especially ya’ll “revolutionaries”.

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