ya’ll ladies are confused. if you’re going to be sex workers? then you’re going to be hypersexualized. because that’s what your profession is. sex. if you don’t want to be hypersexualized? then you find a different profession. i’m not saying it’s correct. but you’re sending mixed signals. here, pay me for sex. no don’t hypersexualize me. (is it really hyper sexualization? or just sexualization?)

sex workers are transparent about their practices. i’m not talking about sex workers when i’m talking about hoes.supply and demand. a business arrangement.

i’m talkin about hoes, who pretend to care about men, to steal their money, and then dump them. or pretend they’re in monogamous relationships with a man but having sex behind that man’s back with other men, for money. that has nothing to do with sex work. not the same thing at all. lazy ass hoes!!

if you’re a woman who’s not in that industry. and don’t want to be hypersexualized. you a tell a nigga, i’m not a sex worker. i don’t have sex for money. don’t sexualize me, especially in a hyper fashion lol if you want that, pay for it — with a sex worker. and get the fuck away from me. because my man, is not sleepin with no sex worker. i don’t approve because i don’t share my man. which is why i’m alone. and not cutting in on any of your sex work business. cuz i don’t have sex, with anyone. so more money for you. I teach, and work delivery. it probably pays less than sex work. but it works for me. okay? lol

(i’m not tryna put you out of business. there are enough men who want women’s sexual services in the world, that you will never go out of business. what is this, only superstars are allowed to have monogamous husbands? the rest of us gotta be sex workers? no. lol that’s my right. i don’t want to be a sex worker. and i’m definitely not no hoe!! lol!)

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