Okay. Back to work! I have feedback to give. And some class planning. No delivery this evening. That was 142 last night. I almost have enough for my second 1,000 dollar donation to a marginalized black woman with a mental difference! That, makes me so happy!


Now to “Malibu” beach lmao! To eat! And get stuffed! *fat kid status*

…when a strange man rolls up next to you tho. At the beach at the picnic table. And you don’t get all panicky. Ready to fight. And he says, “wow. you’re really beautiful” while looking at your face (no makeup), not your chest, not your ass. Like, he understands women are worth more than our naked bodies. And asks if he can sit next to you?

You can say multiple things. The nastiest being: no you piece of shit trash ass man. I hate you all. Don’t even look at me you rapist ass muthafucka. ALL men damage women.

Or, you can say: “sure. I have a man tho. So I’m not interested in small talk about the weather. I just feel like being silent. And texting him. Privately.”

And he says, “that’s a very lucky man.”

And goes to try and hit on the next chic. At the other picnic table.


It’s not anywhere near as good as my super salad. Still building it tho! 2nd best. *shrug*

It’s that non gmo time of year again!

What is this whole fat thing ya’ll be on? being fat is not healthy. It’s just not. Obesity is an epidemic in America. It accounts for diabetes and high blood pressure, among other things. I don’t glorify fat. I’m like, you better do somethin bout that.

Not to be confused with thick, naturally.

I have a hard time discriminating against good white people. I see no purpose in it whatsoever. It makes me feel bad to purposefully treat other human beings like trash. Or to fuck with other people’s lives. I spend far more time on thinking about love with one good man, who doesn’t lie, cheat, and steal. Than why I should dislike white people.

I love some white people. Character. They’re very good human beings.

And, I’m a HUGE gazelle fan! That’s Irish American 🍀. Hip Hop. 3 stripes on my feet. Ire. Ireland.

They have these in an earth tone. I gotta cop these! Late birthday present to myself. Idk. They’re made of suede. Maybe. I already rock leather timbs and a leather belt. So my sometimes baggy jeans don’t fall off my slender (prefer that to skinny) body.

“Like a street kid who can’t get out of his converse” Nas

I like converse. 😳 I had a pair in multiple colors. Hippie. YG like converse as well.

I used a sharpie. To change up the stripes on my shell toes. I had red, black, green and brown. lol

Err’ybody like where you get the brown at? And I was like, my life?

I had a pair of converse. In every primary color. Lol Off my own money. I can’t be wearin my shit off kilter. I gotta match my clothing. Sometimes. Lol.

All three monotheistic patriarchal texts, are extremely problematic to me. More so, because they dominate the planet. And not for good. jews. christians. muslims.

For real? Keep me away from that shit.

I don’t like it. I like complete separation between religion and state. In America.

And I really like the Tao de Ching. It’s scary. To focus on yourself. Which I do. Daily. Like, not physically. Someone had to actually tell me that I had some shit on my shirt. I’m like, what? And she’s like, look!

And I realize I spilled some adobo that I popped the top off. A light sprinkling of my own mixture. Lmmfao!

O my super salad.

They were like omg! Ms. M! This is so good!

Recess!!!!!!! 😊

And she has now grown up 😩 lmao! (She’s really beautiful, “naturally”! Good job! Lmao!)

(How much you want to make a bet, no one is calling her “Betsy”. Lmmfao! Elizabeth. Not a queen. An empress. Hip Hop. That's her expression. A little soured. But still smiling slightly. Lmao!)

That’s Paul Ryan’s daughter. With his wife. Janna lol! she’s classy, with light makeup, pretty conservative dress. Sleeveless, but muted. Pleat purity. Lmmfao!

I don’t abuse my body. I have “a very good brain.”

No wonder he hunts deer. With a bow and arrow. Not Janna. Or himself.

Jessica Moore.


I love her! She is so bout it!


My housemate is really a white New Hampshire libertarian conservative anarchist. He likes cash money. Me as well.

And he puts his money back into his family and his solar shack. 🙄 Lmao!

Much respect! A full time job! He works six days a week. For like the last 30 years! Lmao!

He likes building shit.

He is such a talented carpenter! He can make anything. Ask him to make your car out of wood. Done! Lmmfao.

printmaking, photography, With no sex. 1/2 of the money. That’s me. In practicality. Like, I got the mortgage this month. Chill. Cash money. Prime real estate. He deserves it. He’s my I hate you cuz you don’t love me like that.

This is true. He’s my best friend.

I love YG.

(And so does Paul Ryan. Lmao!

Hip Hop is resurrected!


He knew exactly what I was saying. YG. He did not think I was crazy at all. He was like she brazy!

That’s my kinda teacher! In class telling the truth bout black and brown people!

And I really do believe, #FDT. If he, Donald Trump, does not come correct. On women across the planet. Same as, Ivanka. Lmao!


Is a feminist. Lol I’m not sure he would define himself that way? But he is the most feminist black man I know of, besides my dad. Who doesn’t use that word either. All action. See previous post for a revised explanation.

(Dedicated? To Ivanka. For inspiration! Lol that’s you at the end of the video. And don’t get mad Jared 😒 . she ain’t cheatin on you. [i wouldn’t cheat on him either. Are you crazy?!] That nigga is handsome! Rich. Super supportive. Great dimples! He’s an excellent father! Who supports his one wife only! Loves his children immensely. And he’s 6'3" and kinda slim…um…packin! 🙄 Lmao! Don’t ya’ll get fooled with that black men are the only men…and penis shit!! And…oh yeah, there’s a bat! for any hoe!! Tryna fuck with her fam! Lol! hashtag! #squad ! Lmmfao!)