yg? — bipolar (super creative. and very gentle and kind *blush*)

damn good question! yg. lmao! and you, are the model — in my bipolar and super creative mind — for how women will be treated in hip hop.

you are bipolar as well. like the best lyricists in hip hop. men and women.

and you will treat women? with equality. and respect.

i like you. i think you are a good man. and i think you like me as well. *blush*

or you never would have made this super creative song. directed at: my ex somali boyfriend (sad boy), darryl phillips (AD) and bricc baby (ahi baraka) lmao!

you? are a bipolar genius! (please give your mom and dad? a big ass hug for me!)

flawed. but good. and extremely protective of me. and i do trust you. a little bit.

emperor material (and i’m pretty sure the hoe moment women, dream hampton and jessica care moore, who stalk me — and have been, for 20 and 10+ years, respectively — will come after you because i like you. feel free to fuck them, and hand over your money for their stolen, “social activist” art? if you want to. most men cannot resist hoe moment pussy. lmao!)

and because of that? i am going to listen to this. and dedicate it to all these abusive, hoe moment money — men and women — in hip hop. lmao! and think about all those beautiful black women on twitter? who deserve their own good men, that they don’t have to share. if they want them. please, don’t try and fuck with my ex’s. they are not good men. and they have obligations? to marginalized women. for life. including mr. dominican. who dumped me, thankfully.

because i am “brazy”. lmao! with a “b” for boston. lmao! home, of the american revolution. (that’s how a mind works — when it is manic. and on super creative mode. has nothing to do with being a hoe, or “trash” — jessica care less).

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