This is one of my favorite rap albums of all time.

Stop runnin your mouth Talib. You have no credibility with niggaz who come from nothing.

I could never front on Talib


He is one of the best lyricists in rap.


Public enemy #1.

I’m so privileged. Being a teacher. Paying student loans. Working slave labor for more than 3 hours a day on stage. While, writing. For free.


You don’t listen to good women who teach? Your career can end. Talib.

I no longer care moor. Than your whore.

Let her save you. And chuck d, 2.

Nigga forgot his roots?


Truth? Hurts.

I’m — from — Boston. Always and forever!

Born in, bred in, raised in.

I originate from the city of Boston.


Of the American revolution.


😒 I think you talkin bout

Dream Hampton.

I can’t stand that hoe!!

She is the only one of 2 people on earth I would put a bullet hole in the head to. And feel, nothing.

Nothing at all.

But relief.

And she cannot — ever — kill me.

You will never call me no bitch, Kendrick! I’ll whoop ya lil ass! *No guns allowed*! Ya heard?

Never come at me for what another persons — actions — are.

I don’t — nor have I ever — nor could I — move like that.


Ivanka is smart as shit!

That chic got like 7 hoe moment patriarchal niggaz she managin at the same time. And — three kids! 😡

And ya’ll can’t figure out a way to help her?

Don’t let me see ya’lls black only asses. Real talk? I will whoop ya’ll black only women’s asses! Fo ya shit!!

Shit!! Shit!! Shit!! Shit!! Shit!!


I got her back wit this.

Ya’ll can all fall the fuck off!!

I will not! 😡

Ya’ll should — listen — and keep ya mouths?



YG in the stupid ass Hollywood “Hills” or the club. Like, damn! I wish I was wit Erica.! Cookin in the kitchen with my little harmony sound asleep! (Not tonight homie! It’s *pop it shake it* in this bitch! Lmao!)

Can you multitask?


One thing at a time for men. They brains don’t work the same. Multitask the directions to the crib. And look at them while driving.

I don’t want to see no craziness!!

Normal shit!

I want you to be regular and normal! You can still be brazy. But don’t come stuntin!!

I want Bompton — roots. yo. way. to. the. crib. tomorrow!

Got it?




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