Yo Trump!

It’s okay! Lol Either way? I’m going to be fine. I have a few tight friends and an excellent hardworking boyfriend. We’re working on trying to make an opportunity for him to come here so he can better support his fam. That’s a ‘uge lol process. Immigration is extremely difficult for black and brown people.

I just want you to get better dude. Do something good for the world outside of the presidency. Whatever that is? That’s up to you and your family.

My words?

I think you should drop out of the race. I think it’s causing a lot of stress on your family. And I think that’s unfair to them. I think you need to get healthy, away from social media pounding you in the head. Do that? For your kids and grandkids. Your youngest grandson is so cute!!! Your’re so lucky dude….he needs a healthy grandfather to look up to.

Make yourself great for the first time. It’s never too late!

Peace and Love,


(THAT comma fuck up? Was a typo. Lol)

(p.s. i know you were abused. i know my father was abused. i know the poet was abused. i know the army dude was abused — i hope the living forgive themselves for the abuse they’ve done — you want a role model? i, haven’t abused anyone. i fight for people. that’s been my job and my heart for a long long time. so, i forgive them. let those dudes do what they want! lol forgive the people who do not recognize what happened to you as a child. let go of revenge. and go love up your fam. my cuz just contacted me. lil bilal’s mom? she loves me. unconditionally. i’m all good. and you will be too. let go of that dream. and create a new one. i won’t write ever again, publically anyway. i have thousands of poems. i’ve never published any of them. they’re therapy. i never wanted to be famous. just at peace…if you give up the presidency. or, i don’t know if that’s what you want? or if it’s going to make you angrier that i’m “quitting” lol! but i do know this:

you’re not trying to damage me. i know that you would not sexually assault me. or hurt me in anyway. ain’t that the strange irony. the most marginalized is the one chic he will never damage. thanks dude!

(and, to my east african ex? it’s not me who’s in love with your story. that’s someone else. i wrote our story for my undergrad. honors thesis, remember? the real one?! lmao!! please try loving your wife the correct way. i ain’t in love with you, dude. i love you. i always will. i love you and the other dude. i’m not the one who bounced on ya’ll! lol! i care about your family. his family, your wife’s happiness, his girlfriend’s happiness. i got a man! a very good one. be like HIM! lmao!!! :)

fuck fringe! do this! drop the presidency! make sure people have affordable housing!