Even though Deray is an emotionless sociopathic ass. And just likes to trigger bipolar people. And harm other human beings who are bipolar and commit suicide after he’s messed with them. While being a patriarchal oppressor of women — who are more marginalized than his gay self. And do not conform to any and everything he tells them to do. I do feel bad that he tries every way on earth to get me to pay some positive attention to him. Or, to sabotage me and people I love. 😒

You need to smoke a joint.

Figure it out then report back your emotionless findings.

Him: I smoked marijuana. Big step. Relaxing effect. Will try again.


Excellent Feminista. Let’s see if that nigga last more than 7 months. Try not cheating on him. That may help. 🙃🙃

(that is not gonna last. She a lesbian. Last week she was talkin bout eating some chics vagina. And this. Which was not a joke. Cuz when men were upset. She started laughing 😒)

I guess.


And yes. I’m possessive. And jealous.

And, I ENJOY it. Lol

Bosston. Patiently waiting for Bompton.

My man working! Like I am! For the future! Not a hoe moment!!


To you, that’s abusive.

To me? It makes me feel desired and loved. That’s why you are you. With your man or flavor of the month. Or whatever. 😒

And I am me.

You keep saying being possessive is abusive. Not to me it isn’t. It’s how I know I am desired. Like, that chic is mines. Step off!

YG is not a flavor of the month — to me. If you have not noticed. I’ll fight all social media for my nigga. Bump that. And ya’ll will not be disrespecting him. At the same time you tryna get some. 😒

Go find your own man/woman. I only offer my free matchmaking services to people I know aren’t gonna just abuse these humans and dump them. And ya’ll don’t qualify. Cuz I see how ya’ll roll. Already. I have nothing to offer you but — hope — that you find pansexual polyamorous sex workers and super capitalist exploiters, like yourselves.


And don’t try and define fringe of society being ya’ll. It isn’t. I will define it for myself. It’s all the people who don’t behave like your weird ass exploit black and brown people pretending you are human beings that you are not. Who are HIV positive and are not all happy about it. like yeah! This is great! They do not want to be HIV positive. They want a cure! For HIV. So you can take your crazy ass weird shit far away from us. Because no one is happy with ya’ll. And how you just keep causing more and more damage cuz ya selfish ass humans. Who basically: eat junk food, make art, jobless, complain about all white people, all men, all people who do not want to be part of your sex working weird ish, expect people to pay you for tweeting [lunacy], and have orgies with everybody, and who most definitely are making money off the murders of people killed by the police. So they can promote themselves as heroes. When you all, on there, are not s/heroes of anything at all. S/heroes of social media. And talking about how you’re so oppressed. Join the club. Or do not. Cuz your lifestyles are just, idk. Super capitalist exploitative, do nothing for anybody but yourselves (you don’t even help your own peoples 😒) trash. Stay over there with that.

Oh, if that person is not willing to go to bat for you. Like bump this. I’ll suck it up because I love that person. Get rid of that person. Quick.

(You lesbians and gay and bi and trans people seem to think that YG hasn’t gone to bat for me and this is in my head. That’s because you are lesbians and gay and bi and trans people who do not understand cis gendered men. If you were cis gendered? You would see it right away lol! Cis gendered men, by and large. Are not high drama demonstrative. They do not express emotions in the same way. They aren’t as complex as you tryna make them out to be. With some hidden agendas. Because you are lesbians and trans and gay and bi. YOU are complex. And high drama. I’m not. I’m only high drama cuz I have to fight your horrible abuse of other human beings spreading HIV cuz you think it’s all fun and games because you just like to have a good time with your one night stands and sex work and whatever ya’ll be doing. Not taking into any consideration — other humans. Other people are not pansexual poly people who live those lifestyles. And they have been affected by yours. That’s not correct. So make sure you let all these heads know what they are dealing with so they can all avoid you and find their own loving partners. Who care about them and not them and who knows how many hundreds of people ya’ll humpin. I, personally think? You’ve gone off the deep end. But that’s how you choose to live? So be it. Just don’t mess up any one else’s happy families cuz you don’t care cuz that’s not how you live.

And do not speak for all black people or black people who are HIV positive cuz that has — zero — to do with a polyamorous pansexual, sex worker lifestyle. Lots of people who are HIV positive actually are monogamous, non sex workers, who don’t go around lying about who they really are and breaking other people’s hearts. It pisses me off that you have coopted their voices for your strange ass exploit black and brown murder 😡 money for your end of America crazy ass revolution. Complete with trying to exist pre colonialism. Which is — impossible — because most of you black people? Wouldn’t even exist. You better start — living — in the present tense. FYI. 😒)

I’m still single, not because I’m skipping over men. But because I’m rolling — with — a man who goes to bat for me. Not me and another chic, man, every other day. Me. He’s working on him. I’m working on me. This doesn’t mean we don’t love each other just cuz we ain’t fuckin. Lol! It’s healthy. To be friends before all that. For monogamous people, anyway. 🙃🙃

A person who is with a man one day, or several in a week, or women. Who posts pictures of him/herself with a man on Thursday, but is happy to eat a chic out on Saturday. Who doesn’t mind his/her partner having multiple sexual partners. Is pansexual and polyamorous.

That’s not me. And ya’ll keep trying to act like you are me. And your track records show a completely different lifestyle and history. If you been married five times, to men for example? Or have had multiple men that you have run through and they’re all in pain because of you? And/or you generalize and stereotype all men? Then chances are — you are a LESBIAN! Be a lesbian! Or a polyamorous man! Be polyamorous! Duh!

I’m not polyamorous. I’m not trans. I’m not bi. I’m not a lesbian. I’m monogamous. I am cis gendered. Just because I’m a two spirit person, meaning — i do a lot of things that are deemed “male” activities. And I don’t like “girl” stuff. Does not make me trans.

I can define myself. All set.

I am not Dream Hampton. And I don’t need her “help” to be myself. Or her crazy!! Cuz she ain’t me! None of you are. You are yourselves. Be you.

I am a cis gendered monogamous woman with one man only.

You may want all those other niggaz lookin at me.

I don’t.


You define your feminism/womanism. I will define my own.

(Ya’ll seriously act like there is something wrong with being monogamous and celibate. There isn’t. If your shit is not correct. And you need to get it together. To be in a healthy monogamous relationship? You actually — should — be celibate. Sex, will complicate your life. And the lives of the people who think you upfront with your shit when you aren’t. You don’t get why these wo/men are comin at you? That’s why. Cuz you fooled them into believing you are someone you are not. And that goes for all you trans, bi, gay, and lesbian people as well. You’re not transparent.

“What’s up with all this fake shit. Damn I’m so lucky…” — YG

Some people are into — Love. You know what that is? It starts with yourself. Try it. And stop causing pain to everyone else. So that I have to keep calling ya’all out. Ya not slick wit your subliminal bullshit.)

Gay men who are monogamous? Never get wit the man below unless you are looking to get your heart broken. Every man he posts a smiley faced pic with (I would love to smack the shit out of him), is someone he had a one night stand with, before promising to call them again. And never came through. Gay men who behave like this bobble head, need to leave gay men who are not interested in no one night stand hoes. Alone.

I am trying to keep you from getting your hearts broken by this sociopath, again. He has very little feeling unless he is having sex. And he seems to think gay men are all one night stand hoes. And, it’s a bold faced like. So treat him exactly like he treats you. Like your life does not matter.

Thank you!


Ya’ll are perfect for each other. Some people are polyamorous. And that’s fine. For you. Just don’t lie to people who aren’t about being polyamorous. Or harm us, because we don’t share our partners. And we cool. No need to make us into horrible people because we don’t have the same lifestyles.

I’m clear, upfront. I’m monogamous. I don’t share my partner. Do not enjoy being cheated on or made to feel like I don’t deserve love because I don’t have one night stands or sex for money. Nor am I interested in those lifestyles. I do not want lesbians trying to convince me to join their movement. It’s not the same movement. If they are polyamorous and transsexual and have sex for money. I kick it with sex workers who want — out — of that lifestyle. And I kick in loot to help them get out of it.

Equality for women, for me, is not the equivalent of polyamory or pansexuality. I do not feel sexually oppressed because I’m not pansexual or polyamorous. For me? It doesn’t work well. Intimacy of that sort is deeply spiritual. It is not a part of myself I — choose — to share with multiple people.

I’m glad you are open with your sexuality and what works for you. Please link with people who don’t mind sharing you. As well.

If you are a person who has no problems sharing your partner? Cool! If you are not comfortable sharing your partner? know that your monogamous partner, expects the same from you.

Do not use parts of my life, capitalizing on it, for yourself to highlight polyamory pansexuality transexuality or lesbianism or being gay.

I am none of those things. Use your own lives. That’s who you are.

This is a gay/poly/pan/trans/femme man. And a hoe moment whore.

If you are interested in a monogamous loving relationship where you can trust your partner, and build something with a solid foundation? Never mess with this dude. He has left a trail of broken hearts, behind him.

If you are looking for a one night stand where you hit it and run? He’s perfect! Get you some of that! And use condoms.

Some people are not built for monogamous relationships. And should — never — link with people who are. He’s free as a bird!!

Fly pigeon!! Fly!!


You “crusty ashy ass negros”. You pieces of “trash”. You “worthless men. Give your money to women”

— lesbians, on twitter. man hating lesbians. In your DM’s. Who want you dead. They don’t like me? Cuz I don’t want men dead.

I would — die — without men. I love men. All kinds of men. The kind with penis’ they were born with.

I want you to treat the women who love you. With equality and respect. We are not hoes. We’re YOUR hoes, maybe. But don’t ever get that mixed up with lesbians who have sex with you for resources or money.

Cool? Cuz you ain’t getting nothin from women who love you.

Without equality and respect.

Thank you on behalf of all women who love you.

The lesbians are going to start supporting each other. So they don’t have to sleep with men for money anymore. And then the world will start to become a much more peaceful place. They never have to talk trash about you again. Because you’ll never abuse them. So ask every woman who you find attractive on the street, if she is a lesbian. If she is? She may be very upset if you tell her that she is attractive. So ask first. Compliment after. If she doesn’t even smile at you? Not friendly at all. You already know. She is a lesbian. You don’t even have to ask. Leave her alone. Don’t look twice at her. Before you wind up in prison.

And check the history on her social media. Any tweets degrading men generally? She’s cancelled immediately. Okay? Excellent!