“You, Empress, deserve MORE”

(this is for my cousin. my moon face. raising lil bilal — friend of the prophet, SHE does the MAJORITY, of everything)

We all have a story to be shared.

Create it for the world to hear.

You are worth more than your daddy’s baggage, your children abandoned, your heart


More than shortchanging another woman. More than the hurt you lay with, the art you create to survive it.

Look at yourself in a mirror, a river, a lake, see who you are for your mother’s mistakes.

Enjoy your skin, no matter what color it is. Love what the creator has given.

You are living.

Do not look back at the abuse that was done to you, look forward to the blessing that will be bestowed

The strongest of this planet,

are women. Working in all manners.

For humanity.

Women who do it all by themselves with no help. Struggling to feed the poor, in a collective of give back, getting nothing in return.

Showing black girls they matter in languages that are not English only.

They write essays and dance to the music in their heads, remain autonomous, androgynous, asexual, and feminine.

They fight prisons, and solitary confinement. Love their men through hell and keep on moving.

They advocate for public education to really TEACH the next generation. And break down stereotypes of sexuality, and all WE can really be.

They create luv movements that are reflective of themselves. And learn that they are the ones to embrace everyone.

They let you know feminism doesn’t mean fuck me over.

It means

love me HARDER.

They sacrifice everything, and they are saying

“You will not kill our spirits any longer”

“You will not determine our value”

“You will not laugh at our pain”

“You will not hurt our children”

“You will not rape our bodies”

“You will not stop our voices”

“You will not brutalize and

murder us”

The revelation is this…just in case you missed it.


(Show some fuckin respect.)


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