you few hoes will not mislable me. i speak for myself.

i am a MIXED, BLK, BIPOLAR — JEWISH-BY-GENETICS, NOT RELIGION — WOMAN. (and no. that dude did not know i was immune. neither did i. i was very sick. curled around the toilet bowl, three weeks after our first unprotected encounter. cuz trust. trust. trust. after months. and months. and months. just talking on the phone. i’d already been through hell.)

i trusted him.

till i got sick. two days. i felt like i was dying. hot, cold, sweating, dizzy. throwing up, shitting. my body was

rejecting something.

and then, i got tested. 3 months later, 6 months later, 9 months later, 12 months later…

and i was like, it’s not possible. i need to be tested again. i had unprotected sex with him!!! so bad, that the clinic i went to? told me i needed mental health help cuz the tests were 99.9 percent accurate. and they weren’t giving me another one — too expensive to keep going through this — unless i’d been exposed again. which hadn’t happened.

you know why?

cuz i keep MY LEGS SHUT!

so i went to get genetically tested, found out, i was ccr5 negative. and now these niggaz won’t stop calling me, cuz i’m a blk guinea pig experiment.


he thought, he was making me into some writer, like you, for his harem. but i’m a much better writer than you, now ain’t that the TRUTH! i blame his father. and all the women who supported that nigga.

rot in hell.

which has now been broken to pieces. he is a monogamous, one woman only, righteous king. and he will remain that way. till his dying day. and he will NOT be touched. because he suffered suffered suffered. all the fault of hoes. these writing women who made art, and money, off the pain of a bipolar man — abused.

i am NOT ashamed of who i am, cuz i wasn’t looking for fame, a name, and some money.

but you were.


you wanted me DEAD!

so now, the jokes on your asses,

cuz i’m not going ANYWHERE.

find your own men. who will ride and die for you. cuz you the truth (lol!!!) or keep movin.

i have reached out to you, shown you love, and all you try and do is categorize me as black only. and spit in my face. and shame me. and make me feel like,

i should just jump off a fuckin bridge.

you are evil vampire women, who need to COME CORRECT!

and i am TELLING YOU.




i always have.

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