you know who inspires me most? ladies first. & beasting & real incarcerated women & dick-tators! — (ya’ll gotta read this ish. it’s hilarious! lmao!), talib kweli is hilarious! he just shuts people down smdh lol (“white privilege… white privilege…white privilege…” lmao!…i can only take that dude for like 15 minutes. he’s right too, this time. i’m like, he’s manic again! lol. talib kweli is all over the place, like a hummingbird. lol)

ivanka trump. a white gurl! (yikes lol!) — not like that! lmao!!! she is pretty though, but i’m taken lol! she inspires me, because i know she’s been through hell. still dealing with it since her dad decided to (stupidly) run for president. (it’ll all be over soon. once hillary becomes president. so you can go back to your friendship with chelsea, undisturbed, who i’m sure has seen her fair of bullshit lol!)

and she holds it all together. smiles. has a great husband who supports her and her alone. she works her ass off. on her own merits. i really respect women who work and will be “fired like a dog”, should they not produce results. that kind of pressure? is incredible. there are no hoe moments. just respect for women who work “at all aspects of their lives”.

what character.

(i have no idea what i would do without hip hop. to some of ya’ll, it’s irrelevant and pointless, yes, rock music lol…unless it’s to get yourself on a track. to me? it is pure therapy, inspiration, and love.)

the color line? shattered. basically, this means trump — NO ONE WANTS YOU TO BE PRESIDENT. INCLUDING YOUR OWN DAUGHTER! LMAO!!!

(plus, awesome senses of humor lol!!!)

queen latifah? had no children. but she certainly did mother me. thank you queen! you’ll never know how much this meant to me. my brother’s were sick of you!!! lmao!!!

she’s another #1. london? safe! (please keep it that way sis) lmao! and thank you for understanding. your support. and encouragement. ❤


unity only.

i tried that. heavily. reaching out to women, like me.

and i made a big miscalculation, based on skin color, to reach out to people based on the fact that they were black and brown — like me. some people actually stood up, like women and men, and have tried — are still trying to help.

some, threatened me and shut me down quick. which goes to show, black people are not “chosen” people. anymore than white folks are “better” than black and brown folks are.

content of character. that’s all that exists, when it comes to humans.

so let me just tell the TRUTH. again. lol i did nothing. nothing at all. i wrote through pain, to the wrong man, with my first ex. who was more interested in capitalizing on women. i stayed alone, for years and years, after we broke up. it was some of the most painful shit i’ve ever been through. he dumped me, because i’m bipolar and he thought his ticket to “success” was the next chic. he’s learned his lesson. and loves his wife, for who she is. that writing got into the hands of a woman who has always loved my second ex (i knew NOTHING about this, i’d never even heard of dream hampton. she distributed it to women who have been trying to capitalize on it, to get my first ex away from his wife, and to trash me — in the process…i am not upset with any women who it empowered — to tell their own stories.) fast forward, years and years later, (legs closed, zero hoe moments lol) i remeet my second ex. i dug him, from college, many years before (but i don’t do patriarchy, so i didn’t want to be an earth revolving around his sun. lmao! “i’m a sun!” — he got NONE lol). i had no clue he was severely abused, by a man — and women. nor would i have gotten with him if he was still on that god’s and earth’s mess — knowlege of self/who you are is excellent, but that belief system is chock full of patriarchy, though that’s changing, thanks to a single dad with daughters who no one will be oppressing. lol i don’t blame my second ex. he is very mentally ill. i blame myself, for not noticing this. and for loving him so much — that i fought for him — still am! i don’t like being abandoned by men i love, because i’m bipolar. not because i lie, cheat, and steal. lol

so to be referred to as the devil? lmao! is a little problematic lol. i was an abused kid. i’m not an abuser. lmao! i looked to the bible when i was trapped with nowhere to go. in it, i found a woman — who took no shit from men — she was a beast. and she had a small army (hip hop? lol). she came out of the ocean (which i love lol) and she was not playing.

angry men wrote about her as a harlot, because they did not like the fact that she would not shut up about

ANY injustice. race unimportant. and i believe she has a prostitute-of-no-necessity — who keeps riding her. for no reason. when what that chic needs to do? is go back to her black only world? which no man of the few i’ve been with — has ever been a part of, and stay away from other wo/men’s husbands. call her son’s father. she is about as muslim? as a naked “infidel”. lmao! i’m more muslim than she is…technically speaking. i like my body covered. and i believe in protection for marginalized women. still, i don’t do the holy books — because they have been corrupted. by men.

(my eyes are not red. they are dark brown. so dark? i don’t even get “red eye” when someone takes a picture of me. lol my skin is brown. it’s not yellow. i tan, not burn, in the sun. my hair is brown. and nappy. i’m brown. i’m not sure what “yacub’s son” thinks he is? the devil maybe? he’s schizophrenic. so i don’t blame him. but his eyes are not brown. and his skin, is lighter than mine, despite the fact that he comes from a “black only” family. when he was born, his eyes were blue. so let this disprove race once and for all. the black man is not god. the black man is a man. he could be good, or bad. depends on what he chooses. like all men. of any color. lmao!)

this is tough, because we all know that black and brown people are being murdered, and this entire country has been built on the backs of murdered and enslaved black and brown people, and — working women (don’t believe that lie, that most white women throughout american history, were housewives. not true)

but race? is a man made concept — that women have bought into, lock and step.

racism — is very real.

that’s it. the truth. (and the beginning, of manic depression. very early for me. i started reading my children’s bible very early too. aged 3.)

incarcerated women

this shit, actually happens. happened to assata too. these kids? are the next generation ya’ll. and we know that trauma during pregnancy? leads to all types of issues later in life. a country will rise? no higher than how it treats women and children. most incarcerated women? are locked up for petty crimes. like prostitution — out of necessity.

i mean, for some women? it really comes down to: will i have a place to sleep, and will i be able to feed myself/my child — if i do not spread my legs?

really, think about that. that’s the real question. these women don’t have “cell” phone access, to get any help.

dick-tators — this is hilarious!!!

ya’ll men need to sit down and stop speaking for everybody. women don’t need to hear your faulty, old man messages about their “roles” and “jobs” in your lives(the arrogance!)

atone for your sins!!!! ALL OF YOU!!! LMAO! (these dudes don’t even know how to wear a natural /natural hair — and you expect us — to follow you? okay “dad”! lmao!)

i’ll give you a country alright. your own separate island. patnos. where one can play classical violin, and the other can rant and rave about taco trucks, mexicans, and muslims. no one gives anything to real women. we work, for everything we have — off our own merits.

one of ya’ll is black only — playing white male classical compositions on your violin.

and one of ya’ll is white only — in black church on a sunday, eating kentucky fried chicken.

tell me i’m crazy again. lol!!! lmao! i do think they need to meet, too. after november 8th, and any contestations — i think it would be a good thing for farrakhan and trump to sit down and talk. after november 8th, and any contestations. they can talk about farrakhan’s beliefs in affordable housing in chicago, and how they can both contribute to it. but, you can’t wound man’s pride. especially if he’s in a position of power. he could kill you! lol so he just goes harder. i’m not tryna kill the dudes. maybe they need each other for support. that’s not a bad thing. that would be pretty radical. :)

but that shit is fuckin hilarious!!!! jajajajajaja! dave chapelle!!!! new material!!!!

(nosah. ya’ll are TERRIFYING. REALLY. both of you. to me, as a woman. but i have empathy for you both as well. i think you need to be deprogrammed with intense therapy. and ya’ll will be cool. soon as women have equal representation in your organization/businesses. i’m “alien”ated too. *shrugs*)

these men , are they black are they white? i’m so confused lol! — i think they may harbor deep resentment for women ya’ll. and i can almost bet that is has something to do with the types of mother’s they had. women who spread their legs, hurt other men and women, absentee/isolated baby daddy’s, and took a whole bunch of shit? versus women (of ALL colors LOL), who don’t play any of that. you can’t have worked the majority of your life, with kids. and not have some idea of what’s going on with them. boys are tough. when they don’t have their dad’s? it gets a lot more rough. (in the case of natural insemination lol i know a little girl who has two dads, and a little boy who has two moms. where if one parent were absent? there would be a big problem too…and then there’s the real single moms, where dad is really gone: dead, locked in prison for life, for something that’s really not that bad — hard hard stuff.)