You should invite Kid Rock to the Boogie show wit you love. I know you mad at Eminem and his shadyness. Me as well. But mostly because he actually decided to support Colin Kaepernick. Who consciously exploited the murder of a black man. Who had a slave labor job in a school cafeteria. And, who fed hungry children out his — own — impoverished pockets.

Who’s mother and girlfriend have seen no money from that exploitation. And between him and Jay Z? Could not come up with 100 g’z.

Because they do not care about black women. If they did? They would not be supporting Colin Kaepernick, over Valerie Castile. He took a knee precisely to address the murder of innocent black people by the police.

He should have taken a knee, as a mixed black man with white parents. To address the murders of all these people being killed by the police. I’m not interested in statistics. I know that black people are murdered disproportionately. It’s called — racism.

I also know that Valerie Castile has more in common with a white mother who’s son was murdered by the police. Than a mixed black football player who was worth millions of dollars. But gave that all up in the name of exploiting black people.

Kid Rock? Has been in hip hop? Really? Since like 1991. He does not exploit black people to make money off our murders. He is not supporting Colin Kaepernick’s bullshit. Who had he not listened to Dream Hampton — who is straight nuts!! — Hip Hop wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

The shame is not HIV. It’s a virus. The shame is the intentional spread of HIV. And thinking it’s okay to cause that type of pain and damage to other human beings. And for blaming that on a schizophrenic and abused man. And not the two sociopathic hoes niggaz could not stop fucking. Actually paying these hoes to fuck them. And they aren’t even all that talented. All their shit is — stolen — from other people.

Kid Rock is mad. And rightfully so. But he’s no racist. And I like Kid Rock. He’s very talented. Ijs.

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