Why are these afterschool kids all in the dark? I just turned all the lights on. They started cheering! Lmao!

“Do you like dolphins?”

“Did you walk to school?”

“Do you have a watch?”

“I got a sticker today for math.”

“Why you still here? You don’t have no kids?”


Well then, speak on it FJ! Lmao! You know that black children, especially girls, are abused all the time. You want me to put the link in my blog? To your twitter? You what time it is! Lol!

Any black women who’s honest? Knows that pedophilia is not a white phenomenon. Err’body got an “uncle” who’s lap you were not allowed to sit on, at the cookout.

“He a little touched. Don’t mess with him baby girl.”

Talib Kweli is so prejudice. And I think he was raped as a kid. Like a lot of black children. And he won’t admit it. Which probably accounts for some of his confusion over his bisexuality. And self-loathing. So he attacks everybody. Who uses the word fag. Which does not mean they hate gay people. Admittedly, It’s a horrible expression to use to degrade someone.

But Talib Kweli uses the word “ho” , quite liberally, to degrade people all the time. While he fucks the biggest hoe in hip hop. Which is an accurate description of that chic. That’s what she calls herself!! Lol! She’s not a sex worker. She’s a woman who pretends to love men: Lies on them, cheats on them, steals from them. And then tells black women, she rocks.

Uh, no. She does not.


I care. They don’t. *shrug* I haven’t named myself “care more.” There’s no need to remind myself. I told that dude to cut that hoe off, so she can get her first ever — slave labor job. But he supports her.*shrug* that’s his business. He lives in a glass house with a shaky foundation. So why he’s attacking people on twitter — I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

Anyway, I gotta eat. I’m at school, late. And I didn’t think I would be. Not today. But teaching is the type of job where this always something to do. And I have to do it, when no kids are around. So, my ass is at school. Till 6, maybe seven. Who knows. *shrug*(my ass is so hungry? I’m eating in my hooptie. And I only made one salad. For Ms. nice today — and pregnant. I think her belly got bigger over the weekend! Lol! So no lunch, and no time anyway. Fish. No meat in the collard green! Thank you health conscious black people! Along with the teacher discount! 🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿 lol! )

You would never know by looking at me, or hearing me speak — in my high girly voice lol. But, this is like my anthem! I love it! Good men! In real life! They rap about shit they’ve lived. And they are very well mannered, kind, gentlemen. Who are fully strapped. Legally. Those dudes pack walkin to the store. Lol they’re from the south! Err’body got a gun! Lmao! And everybody’s friendly!

They got good mamas! Who don’t take no mess! And they treat good women with the utmost respect. They treat hoes like hoes!! I mean, nobody wants to be lied to, cheated on, and robbed. Would you?

That’s what I thought. Lmmfao!

Am I supposed to hate them cuz they’re cis gendered men who respect everybody, who if they say good morning and you have zero manners and don’t know how to say good morning back, may or may not call you a bougie bitch?

They love women! Lol!

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