Through Wikileaks we have confirmation of the corruption of the Clintons.
Mayra Silvia Washington

As an employee of the MSM, I can safely say the following:

— Most reporters tend to be more liberal. Usually, they make less money

— Most editors tend to be more centrist. Pay bump is good.

— Most execs tend towards the GOP. They can afford it.

An imperfect, but pretty good, check and balance. Also, in more than a decade on and off (the 90s, and now), I have never, ever, once heard, read saw or had implied that a reporter should make something up or falsify information. Accuracy is an almost pathological obsession of every reporter I know.

Let’s differentiate doing the research and facts (corruption) and opinion presented as fact (the rest of the above). The media isn’t perfect. But finding an echo chamber where unsupported statements are presented as fact because they sound right is simply reading fiction and assuming it to be true.

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