A Couple of Fuck Yous and Moving Forward

Excuse me for a second while I get a couple of ‘Fuck Yous’ off my chest:

Fuck You to the millions of Democrats that didn't vote and stayed home.

Fuck You Jill Stein voters. Hope you enjoy your beach vacation in Antartica in 10 years.

Fuck you Bernie Sanders supporters that voted 3rd party for ‘their conscience’ as a protest.

Fuck you Gary Johnson voters. Hey, he may not know where Aleppo is but … weed, bro!

Fuck you to the media and your false balance. You managed to balance a racist, sexual predator (among many other horrible things) against … emails!

Fuck you to email.

Fuck you to the pollsters. Two words: Bradley Effect.

Fuck you to the FBI. Stop taking cues from the likes of Pakistan and the KGB and stay out of politics.

Fuck you to Facebook for not informing your stupid users that the ‘News’ site they are reading is not actually a ‘News’ site but a far-right alt-right bullshit rag.

Fuck you to the pundits for talking bullshit amongst yourselves all day and not talking to, you know, actual voters.

Fuck you to Jon Stewart for sitting this election out. His voice was sorely needed to talk to the entitled little shits known as millennials and telling them not to vote 3rd party.

Fuck you to all the #NotMyPresident protesters, most of whom are young. Where was this level of anger before the election?!

No, seriously, Fuck you Jill Stein and Bernie voters. I hope you enjoyed that ‘protest vote’ since it will be last vote of your life. This was most likely the last open election ever in the US. So I hope you enjoyed it. Fucktards.

Now that thats out of the way — here are some additional thoughts:

First the good news. When its all said and done, Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead will likely be around 2 to 4 million votes. Now, before you say, “what good is that when there’s this thing called the Electoral College” consider this: Hillary Clinton got that vote in spite of running the most progressive left-leaning platform in ages: Pro-gay rights, pro-immigration, pro-muslim (not to mention one of the most prominent staffers and would-be Chief of Staff Huma Abedin right by her side), pro-gun control, pro-Obamacare to name a few. Thats something to celebrate. There’s more of us liberals than them!

Remember when I said that Trump must be given a chance? I had it backwards. Its up to that belligerent bigot to prove us wrong. Its up to him to make minorities, LGBTQ and muslims feel safe in their own homes. Until then, I will not give him a chance a normalize that asshole’s behavior. His rise to power on the shoulders of the KKK and white supremacists is not something you normalize. So far his picks for Attorney General, National Security Advisor and CIA Director is a who’s who of racists and bigots that is an ISIS wet dream.

One thing is becoming clear: This election was stolen. It is not hard to hack voting machines in rural Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and other states and add a small amount of votes (we’re talking 200 here, another 300 there) and win by less than 1% of the margin. Its not hard to do when you have the entire hacking teams of Russia and WikiLeaks behind you. That, together with the FBI aiding and abetting Trump this was nothing less than a coup. Yes, it can happen in America because it just has.

Id be lying if I said Im not terrified about our future in this country. Never mind the fact that Im actually an atheist but when has that ever stopped bigots from seeing you as anything other than how they want. We are just one terrorist attack away from all Muslims being rounded up and put in internment camps. The media can say that its un-American all it wants, but when did tyrants ever care about what the media says? Oh but you say it cant happen here or now, in 2016. I bet they thought the same back in the late 1930s in Germany. “Surely that cant happen now, in the 1930s!”

Trump is here to stay as President for 10, maybe even 20 years. He’s already running the country like an Arab dictator and training his children to take over once he dies. His children sit in on meetings with heads of state because he’s too dumb to do anything without them. When they’re saying they want to govern for 50 years, you should take them at their word. The uneducated morons in the rural midwest have screwed us all and it will take — as always — us liberal “elites” to save the country with our own Arab-style American Spring.

Thats how I see this playing out. We need our own American Spring.

Im hope Im overreacting and that in the end, American ideals and system of government and term limits will not allow Trump to govern for more than 8 years. But Im not taking chances. And neither should you. The time to #resist is now. Go join and/or support the ACLU and fuck some shit up!

Remember, there’s more of us than there is of them!