A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

I don’t get why all other comments here and on Azers post are written in favor of Azer.

In my opinion his reasoning is quite poor. He talks about “Sorry, I’m building an open source project with that name.” as if this would nullify any trademarks or other legal aspects. Even if that second mail of Kik could have been a bit less threatening, I respect their decision not to take legal actions in the first place without warning. If I was facing such an issue I would be happy to face an open minded company, not any legal actions against me.

Seriously, why does Azer think it’s valid to just ignore trademark issues?

From my point of view kik Interactive acted reasonable in a case where some random guy doesn’t think laws apply for him. Open source is a great, but doesn’t give you additional legal privileges. And npm, Inc. has acted reasonable since as of my understanding (IANAL) they could have faced similar legal actions if kik Interactive would’ve chosen this way. The safety to use any project names on GitHub (which seems to be his ongoing favor) for example comes from the lack of global naming space (for projects) and the supply of one naming space per user.

npm also provides this way of scoping (sadly you have to pay a monthly fee or create a organization) that should pretty much safe you from those issues — IANAL.

All in all I did see neither kik Interactive nor npm, Inc. behaving badly in this case; kik Interactive has been open for compromises (I bet Azer could have had some transition time if he requested; this would have saved many people from trouble) and didn’t took legal actions. Legal actions without proper warning should give this community valid reasons to dislike a corporation, not this. It’s not them acting like a child.

Sorry, but I cannot understand all this hate against kik Interactive.

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