Blame Whatley

A good friend once introduced me to the idea of your past, present and future self. It’s not actually a deep as it may sound, more just a funny way to talk about retrospect.

It’s something I quite often think about when I’m running. Or more specifically, when my alarm goes off at 5.15am.

It goes like this:

My past self decided that going for a run would be a good thing to commit to. However, my future self is torn. On the one hand there’s the option of staying in bed and being cross at my past self for dreaming up such a ridiculous plan. But on the other hand if I don’t get up, there’s the disappointment that my future self will feel for not just sucking it up.

This running example has happened enough times for me to be able to predict when it’s going to happen. Sometimes the night before, my present self will think it’s a good idea to plan a run, knowing full well that my future self will not be amused when the alarm goes off. My present self knows that my future present self will be stuck in the conundrum of what the future future self will think, and plays off this emotion knowing that it may be the thing it gets me out of bed and onto the road.

I could go down a rabbit hole here. I won’t.

To be honest, I wanted to type it out because it’s one of those things that seems completely logical in my head, but when I explain it out loud I get tongue tied.

I was interested to see if writing it down made it more straightforward. However, reading back it actually makes a good case for me losing my marbles. Which, quite frankly given the madness of London Fashion Week is likely.

So, to my future self, if you ever happen to come back and read this, consider it a topic your past self gave up on researching owing to low brain power and lack of sleep. But as a note to your future future self, there could be something in here to revisit. Inception 2.0 even.

In the meantime, my present self is going to email the friend who introduced me to this idea and tell them just how much a past passing conversation has messed with my future minds on multiple, and many more foreseeable occassions.

Present brain implodes.

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