Calling all writers or opinion havers

Unless you’ve managed to miss everything I’ve been posting this last week, or you’ve blocked me, you’ll have twigged I’m launching a social campaign called #NoFilterFeb.

It’s a simple challenge to ditch filters on Instagram for the month of February and focus on being a bit more real. It’s not about photography. Filters are a metaphor for all the unconscious considerations we go through when thinking about how we put ourselves out to the world.

But in order to tackle that bigger subject, I had to start with something that was simple for people to get their heads around.

This project is hugely important to me because I think it carries a really strong message about the way we project ourselves digitally versus the way we are in real life.

In some respects I feel as if social media is like The Sims. We’ve become so invested in keeping our online personas alive that we run the risk of forgetting what’s important and simply being able to enjoy what’s real.

Everyone I’ve spoken to about this has had an opinion. There are people who disagree with me, people who really get on board, and those who come at it from an angle I’d not even considered.

And, this is the whole point. If you’re on board, great. If you’re not, great too — let’s talk about it.

As I wrote yesterday, I’m not out to say one thing is right and the other thing is wrong, I’m just trying to fill a void I felt existed. If the hashtag doesn’t get used, yeah, I’ll be a bit bummed. However, even just on a personal level I’m really inspired by some of the conversations I’ve seen come off the back of this.

Get to the point, Frith.

I want to harness all these different points of views and opinions.

I feel like this topic invites so much discussion and because I’m so close to it I worry I run the risk of tunnel vision.

So if this project has sparked something, I want to chat.

Get touch either here or over on Twitter (quiet chuckle to myself that I’m using that as a CTA) because I’d love to feature a variety of opinions on the blog.

Or better still, just write.

This project is completely non-affiliated with any organisation or corporate, it’s simply something I believe in. I have no idea where it’s going nor have I ever been more anxious about a month starting. But I do know it has provoked some really interesting discussion. So if you’re up for getting involved, let’s.

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