Navigating the hidden rules of Netflix

Don’t get me wrong. I love Netflix. I’m all for the subscription model, I l’m into the recommendations and I’m even a sucker for the 15 second countdown that has become 21st century symbol for indisputable television addiction.

However, as I’ve come to learn there is a unspoken etiquette when watching shows with your other half.

While the rules aren’t exactly clear, there are certainly some things worth bearing in mind when Netflix enters as the third person in your relationship.

Some free advice from experience:

  • New series must be a mutually agreed decision with your Netflix partner. Dictatorship is futile.
  • If you say you’re going to be home to watch an episode, you’d better mean it.
  • Watching the show without your Netflix partner is a deceitful move and will probably result in a frosty evening of the silent treatment.
  • You’ve got until 4 seconds on the ‘next episode starts’ countdown to say it time to turn the tv off, anything under 4 and you’re locked in.
  • While you can watch a new series with a friend as opposed to your Netflix partner, it’s best to discuss this first.
  • Binge watching to catch up on a series your Netflix partner has started without you will technically put you on the same page, however, they’re always going to hold a sense of superior knowledge that you. Just let it go.

Follow this and you’re probably ok.

However, if yourself mid Netflix-induced argument, take comfort in knowing you’re not the first. If anything, it’s part of the ride.

Welcome to television in 2016.

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