The note in my handbag

I found a piece of paper shoved into my wallet this evening. It was a handwritten note and by the state of it, it had been in there awhile.

I assume it was the start of a post that I never finished.

It said:

“When I was younger I used to think of leaders as people who knew everything. But as I got older I realised the people I drew most inspiration from were those who knew they wouldn’t always get it right but didn’t let this stop them.

We don’t have a handbook. We are all winging it.

And while saying “I don’t know” feels counterintuitive to what we are taught growing up, it’s so refreshing to hear, especially from someone in a position of leadership.

I breaks down barriers and gives people permission to just try stuff.”

When I first read this note I thought, ‘oh that’s good, I’ve got the bones of something more to build on here’. But actually, I kind of like it on its own.

I probably will revisit it at some point and expand on the idea more. However, to chance upon a note like that which has a nice simplicity to it felt like a good little end of the week post just as it was.