The single most important reason you can vote

Because you can.

It almost needn’t go beyond that.

While there are many flaws in the world, and no government policies that are perfect, we have to work with the power we do have. And that means, when we are given the opportunity to cast a vote as part of a democracy, it becomes more than an option, it is a responsibility.

There is no point in complaining if we aren’t prepared to exhaust all options to try and make a difference.

There’s no value in saying how things should be if we don’t do what we can to show the way we feel.

If someone were to suddenly take the vote away from men, back off women, or discriminate toward a certain race, there would be outrage. We would suddenly remember the power and sense of contribution it gives us.

Having a voice is instrumental to our identity. We care about it, we assume it as a right and therefore we mustn’t take it for granted.

When something comes down to a public vote or referendum, there is no delegation. It cannot be something we leave to others. Every individual must realise the importance of taking part and having their say.

When given the chance, no matter the context, vote. It may not feel like ticking a box is doing much, but to dismiss it for this reason is ignorant, lazy and irresponsible.

There are entire nations, gender groups and minorities all around the world who are muted from voting. Their situations are ones we cannot comprehend and they cannot control. They would, and have, died fighting for this simple mechanic that allows a voice. We mustn’t forget that what we consider a right, others see as a fantasy.

The single most important reason we should vote, is because we can. We can’t let it become an option.

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