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*sigh* I stopped reading this at “ Our faux-irony was revealed as inadequate — pathetic even — when two planes were flown into two towers on the 11th of September.” AMERICA: You are not the world. Gen X extends beyond the borders you either pretend don’t exist or imagine extend throughout the known world. 9/11 was an American event that the Western world joined in, in astoundingly juvenile fashion, treating as if it were the first post-WWII event of its kind. When you treat 9/11 as if it were a world event, I switch right off, in disgust and shame. Only Americans fail to list their country in online/international forums, it is assumed the country is the US of A — what else would it be? …Meanwhile, the rest of us know our country is only one of many — and — are eager to share with people from different places.

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