Let’s face it, distributed teams…or remote…or virtual…whatever you want to call them, are here to stay. C19 kicked us all in the butt and there’s no turning back. Some companies were lucky and had already adapted to either a fully distributed setup or a hybrid one, but right now, across the board, companies are trying to wrap their heads around how to transition into this new world, where the team and work primarily have an online presence, and physical, face-to-face engagement is much rarer.

Naturally, the Creandum fundsportfolio is going through the same thing, and recently we held a joint discussion with 20+ founders, in which we all shared our learnings and experiences, and exchanged best practices relating to this. The following is a summary of this discussion, which we think many companies will be able to benefit from. …

The strongest companies we see have founders who can challenge one another, but to do so requires different perspectives. In short, diversity drives better decision-making, which in turn builds better companies. There’s a great wave of female and under-represented founders emerging, but still, they constitute just a small proportion. The same goes for engineers and, unfortunately, also venture capital firms. Data from our annual diversity index indicate that there is progress across the gender dimension, but the trend is moving slowly. The reason is simply that this is a multifaceted, complex topic with no quick solutions, nor silver bullets.

As a VC with a global platform backing a range of different industries, at Creandum we’re well aware of our responsibility and power to help drive the diversity agenda in the tech industry. We are already pushing the subject in the board room, with the hope that by making diversity a topic of continuous discussion and monitoring, we see change happen. But we’ve also learned many times that companies feel a bit helpless. …

Two years ago Creandum started to actively measure gender diversity inside the funds’ portfolio, on the premise that what gets measured gets done. We have ever since then publicly reported our Creandum Gender Diversity Index (2018 + 2019). Here are the results for 2020, and although the balance is still male-dominated we do see some signs of progress.

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A reminder of why diversity matters.

If anyone is still questioning why we care about this, it’s simply because of performance. We aspire to make the Creandum funds’ portfolio as successful as it possibly can be, and diversity plays a key role in that. …


Carl Fritjofsson

Internet dude | Founder gone VC @ Creandum | Fan of dreams | fritjofsson.com | 🤙

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