Timeline + Outline


Sept. 20th or 21st Do something FUN! I will be at my cabin so some ideas are — play a board game with the fam, build something with Dad, dress up the dog and take funny pictures

September 21st Do a mind map, come up with 5 silly ideas

Sept. 23rd Come up with 5 more silly ideas

Sept. 25th Post pictures and documentation on blog


Do something fun

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map (digitization)

Suggested Themes

10 Silly Ideas


Over the weekend my family and I played cards at my cabin.

Here we are playing Kings Corner.

Then we played a game of Hearts. It was a new game for us, except my parents had played it a long time ago. It was fun to have to learn a new game together.

Here we are looking at our hands.
As you can see I lost the game!


(I could not figure out how to save a .csv file but this is a link to my map)


  1. food companies/corporations
  2. natural supplements
  3. caffeine


To come up with ten silly ideas I first made a list of ten random things and ten things related to health and wellbeing. Then I mixed them up to come up with some silly ideas.

list of random and health related objects
This shoe would velcro on like a blood pressure cuff. It would be a simple way to put on a shoe!
This is a boat with a weight-lifting machine on it. It is a fun way to work out while you are on the water!
This is a phone with a built-in magnifying glass in it. You can use it to read or just look at little bugs!
This paper is meant to go around your bike to be able to personalize it and decorate it the way you want!
This is a hiking boot with a small slot for a fork, spoon, and knife in it below the sole. You can always be prepared with this shoe!
This is a lazy susan for medications. For people that need to take a lot of medications, this is a stylish and functional way to store your medications!
This water bottle has an antimicrobial skin applied to the outside. Water bottles can get dirty because we bring them around with us everywhere, this is a good way to make sure you always have a germ-free bottle!
This helmet has a sensor that senses danger nearby. When it senses danger it says “meow!” instead of a normal beeping sound because it is a cuter sound but also alarming enough to alert the rider of anything nearby.
This is a faucet with a tap for beer and water. This is perfect for college students that drink a lot of beer. All they have to do is hook up a keg and have constant beer flow!
This is a blanket that smells like a pine tree. Your bed can always smell fresh with a pine-tree smelling blanket!
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