Timeline + Outline

“How might we improve communication in long distance relationships?”


Oct. 18: confirm brainstorming session with people invited

Oct. 19: do personal brainstorming session

Oct. 21: (early)prepare for the brainstorming session and invent a warm-up activity…(later) do brainstorming session

Oct. 22: sort ideas and write blog while still fresh in my mind


My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

Session Organization

Sorting and Voting

Top Ideas


my ideas (not in order)


The new warm up game I came up with was to warm up sketching and idea generation. Everyone sits down in a group with a pen and paper and half the people have to think of a problem, write it down, and pass it to the person who needs a problem. Then the people who get the problem have to sketch an idea of something that will help fix that problem. When that round is done it switches and the other people have to write a problem and the rest will now sketch an idea to fix the problem.

an example of how it would look


The four people I invited to my brainstorming session were my husband, my brother, and my cousin and her husband. I thought it would be a good mix of people because my husband works in business but it also creative and loves to draw, my brother is a musician, my cousin is a psychologist, and her husband is an engineer. We have all been or are in a relationship.

For the session we all went to my brother’s appartment. He has a kitchen with a large enough wall to hang up the ideas on. We warmed up with the warm up game I came up with and then jumped right into the session. We started at 7:25 PM and ended at 8:15 PM. By the end we had come up with 71 ideas. I calculated the ideas per minute to be around 1.77.

A day before the session I decided to make a schedule and reminder sheet so that I could better facilitate the session.

Brainstorming Schedule

I also printed out key slides from the class lecture and created my own rolestorming list for people to look at.

key slides to help guide the session and a list of people to rolestorm with

Unfortunately we were so into brainstorming that I forgot to take pictures! Luckily my cousin had taken a Snapchat to document that it actually happened.


We did not sort the ideas, but we voted on which ones we thought were the most interesting, most creative, and most realistic. The yellow dots are for the most realistic, the green dots were for most creative, and the purple for the most interesting. Here is a picture to show that we actually voted (you can also see the dots in the video above):

picture shows the purple, green, and yellow dots on some of the ideas here

Later I looked at the ideas and decided to see if there were trends in the best ones. I realized that most of them had to do with the 5 senses. I thought this was important to note because in relationships we know someone is there through sensing them and we get to know the way they look, smell, feel, their touch, etc. By somehow replicating these things it could make our significant other feel as if we are nearer to them.


I determined the top ideas by the ones that either had all three votes (interesting, creative, and realistic) and also the ones I thought could be good inspiration for another idea.

picking the best ideas

Here are the sketches of the 10 ideas re-done:

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