Designing ethically pt. 1
Kat Zhou

Thanks for writing this and I strongly agree to the point that technology needs to look at its ethical implications. What I don’t get is in which way Designers today seem to be educated and prepared to pick up that task. You could argue that there has been this deep connection to psychology, human factors and lately neuroscience which somehow entitles Designers to form a stronger voice, however I actually see these discussions mostly taking place in the usability and user research community, not in UX. And even knowing how our brains perceive and decide doesn’t make us specialists in ethics. Quite the opposite actually. When looking at the job market and following discussions in forums, the trend for UX Designers today is to focus on “Doing” (Frontend UI Coding, Frameworks, Prototypes, UI, some flows) rather than “Thinking” (about Information Architecture, Content, Language, Strategies).

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