Disclaimer: This is intended to be a sex fantasy blog. This blog is not intended to be read or viewed by anyone under the age of 18 years old. Most of the content in this blog is NSFW (Not Suitable For Work).

Welcome to my sex games and sex fantasy blog!!!

The purpose of the blog is to explore sex in a manner that allows myself (and hopefully others) to think outside of the box when it comes to sex. Because let’s face it, after a while, vanilla sex becomes a little boring. I am only having fun writing about these things and in no way intend to offend anyone.

Some of these things that I write about, I have either fantasized about on my own or have been inspired by something I may have seen while watching porn or movie/television in general. I watch porn on a moderate basis (and I love porn); sometimes just for the entertainment and sometimes to gain ideas about things that I would try to do with a partner. I think everyone should be sexually free; free of judgement from your partner, free of judgement from family, friends, and other peers. Besides, what you do in your sex life, should be your own business and no one else’s business. Do what makes you happy!!!

Everything that will be written will be written from a heterosexual perspective, as I am a heterosexual male and have no interest in guys. I am African-American, my fantasies would probably be written with African-American females in mind, however, I am open to all races rather you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, African, and etc. I see beauty in females of all races but I preference African-American women above all. I hope that whatever I write or post can translate to all walks of life regardless of race or sexual orientation.

Some of the fantasies that I talk about in this blog, we do not even bring up when we talk about sex in the African-American community. I am not sure why, but we just don’t. Maybe because people are afraid of getting judged by our own people. Are some of the fantasies weird? Maybe, depending on who you are talking to. Some of the fantasies may be disgusting to others, don’t care.

Majority of my sex partners have been African-American women and I have only been in very few serious relationships. While in these relationships, I have had some of these ideas while in a relationship or developed these ideas during the relationship. I sensed that if I asked my girlfriend at any of those times to participate in some of these fantasies, they probably would not be fully comfortable in participating. I can sense their limits and you should be able to sense your partner’s limits if you are in a serious relationship. It’s no fun knowing your partner isn’t 100% comfortable doing whatever you ask them to do. I also chose not to hold it against them if they decided they didn’t want to participate whether if I asked them or not. I didn’t go out and cheat to seek fulfilling my sexual desires with someone else. I guess I suppressed them. I am currently not in any relationship of any kind (I need to focus on other priorities at the moment) but I hope to one day to find a partner who shares similar sexual desires as myself. If I don’t, it will not kill me either.

We all have our limits, I have mine (you’ll learn what I am down for and what I am not down for). Everything should be done within your and your partner’s limits. NO ONE SHOULD CROSS THOSE BOUNDARIES. Partners should discuss boundaries beforehand so there are no misunderstandings. As you can probably tell from the previous paragraph, I am not into pressuring anyone to do anything that is not comfortable with them.

You probably have been reading this and be thinking why don’t I get a dominatrix for some of these fantasies? It wouldn’t be as fun, seeing as it isn’t real. (The irony of wanting something real out of fantasies). There is no real connection there, it’s just a business relationship. Besides, I’m somewhat picky with my women.

I choose to be incognito in regards to my identity because I am growing professional and do not need this to be a distraction as I pursue any and all of my professional endeavors. (Contradiction? I mentioned earlier about being free of judgement from everyone, however, I wouldn’t want this to be a determining factor if I get a job/promotion or not).

With this all being said, enjoy the blog.