IA#5: Reflections on The Monuments Men

1. Write your personal reactions to the content/story of the film.

The Monuments Men is about a group of men who risked their lives to protect and bring back the masterpieces from the Nazis during the World War II. For me, this movie is an eye-opener to everyone that artworks aren’t just there to be displayed. It is important, cherished and holds so much meaning. The movie is based on a true story, making it more significant and inspirational because people do take the risk to save some of the greatest artworks in time. Also, these artworks are part of humanity’s history so it must really be protected and conserved for the future generations to appreciate these arts.

2. Write a critical analysis of the film itself (narrative, production, directing, cinematography, acting, etc.)

The Monuments Men has a very interesting and intense sequence of events. The acting was absolutely amazing since the actors played their roles well. The cinematography and production is great too since the setting and props used looked believable. Meaning, it looked like I was really watching a film taken from the World War II. Of course majority of the scenes focuses on the genres drama and action, but I noticed that there is comedy as well, which makes the movie entertaining too.

3. If the Philippines had a set of “Monuments Men” during the World War 2, what could have happen differently? Is there a need for us to have a “Monuments Men” in the Armed Forces today? Please discuss.

Imagine having a set of “Monuments Men” during the World War II. Several masterpieces of our national artists are saved and can still be seen and be preserve today. These artworks can help us get to know our country’s history and culture even better. Also, we could have a clearer idea of our history and background. However, we didn’t have a set of “Monuments Men”. During World War II, a lot of paintings, structures and masterpieces got destroyed. In order not to make these important artworks be damaged any further, there are people who helps in taking care of these masterpieces. For example, the workers on the National Museum.
We greatly need a “Monuments Men” in the Armed Forces today since there are rumors that terrorists are targeting museums. They plan on destroying the art pieces of the artists who worked on it with a lot of effort. These men can serve as our national heroes who will protect and risk their lives for our country’s artworks whenever danger and threat comes in.
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