Aesthetics IA # 3: Up Close and Personal (Synthesis)

In our Aesthetics Class, we had a chance this week to know more about the life of some artists here in the Philippines. Although, most of them are not really famous, their works are wonderful and very useful in our daily lives. Mark Rivera (Casting Director), Yannie Rumbaoa (Coin Engraver), and Mochie Cuyco (Graphic Artist) have the same vision about what art is all about. For them, art is everything that you do that takes time and a lot of effort to achieve. Your passion is also considered as an art because it brings out your own talent and also gives you happiness. All in all, their perception about the world and of how they got their job today are different.

Mark Rivera is a young casting director and a starmagic artist. He is also a football player in Italy during his school days. For him, it is really a big miracle when he was discovered by someone in Makati. That person, helped him to become one of the starmagic artist and as time passed by, he became a casting director of some advertisements here in the Philippines. He also did auditions to azkals and other football teams. Football and being a casting director is his passion and that’s the reason why he considered it as an art. Another one is Yannie Rumbaoa, my favorite to all the artists presented. He is the first coin engraver of the Philippines yet, he is not that famous because unlike the other countries, the one who engrave the coins are recognize by having their signature in it. His story is very amazing. I was inspired by his experienced while achieving his goals in life. Aside from being a coin engraver, he is also a painter and a fine art graduate. During his college life, he became a working student in University of Santo Tomas due to a financial problem. What amazes me even more is that, even though he was raised in a poor and simple family, poverty didn’t get in the way of his passion but rather it became an inspiration for him to work harder and more passionate as he became the first coin engraver in the Philippines. In the end, a company sent him to France for him to practice engraving and enhanced his talent in arts. Last one, our group interviewee, Mochie Cuyco. He is a graphic artist who has part time job teaching here in De La Salle — College of Saint Benilde and Ateneo De Manila University. He also owned a company (He didn’t mention the name but it is somewhat related to his course). What inspires me the most is what he told us when we asked if he has experienced rejection to his works. And he said that ofcourse, most of the time, the client will not be satisfied to what he did and will declined his proposal but it’s not the end for him. He always think that maybe that time is not the time where his work will shine so instead of throwing it away or deleting it, he will keep it and will use in the future.

Each of us define art differently so that’s why art is anything that we see in everyday life. Starting from now, I will imitate their perseverance and hard work in terms of achieving their goals in life. You need to insert a lot of effort and also, you don’t need to be smart when you want to success in life, a right strategy is enough. Lastly, don’t lose hope when someone rejects you because in this world, there are many opportunities here. You just to find the best for you and will brings you happiness.