Where I went this weekend 20–21/02/16

kilian martin — makes me wonder what if rodney mullen had been skating when there was this kind of camera tech available

all of those were technically from Friday night, but what are you going to do

I don’t have any use for this, but it’s a bit interesting

took me ages to remember shmup = shoot ’em up

this is actually pretty neat

people often say about the football trick shot gifs that they’ve been digitally edited, and I normally can’t see it, but the ball just plain disappears in the messi one here and :/ (I think the Klopp one is genuine)

FF7! Now I want to play FF7 again. When is that reboot coming out?


mmm… ribs

gotta check

couldn’t deal with them anymore

still don’t understand that clue

not convinced this is even right

ooh, which could it be?

well, that was certainly something i looked at

davey cameron is a pie

gotta … segments

tweets i faved

And I’ve also been reading The Upright Thinkers by Leonard Mlodinow, which has been a very entertaining review of several thousand years of human development so far.

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