Where I went today 13/4/16

This lot, plus the bike shop for a new inner tube

I think this is pretty great. ROFG in particular, but every frame.

B-B-B-BEEEEEES! for some reason

Yes, more hot octopus action here.

mmm, gravy sweats

President Pup would get my vote. Assuming they amended the constitution so that I was eligible to vote at the same time as amending it to make it clear that dogs were legitimate presidential candidates, obvs.



Baffled as to why this showed up as an ad, and even more so why it was labelled as “Black Friday” on a Wednesday in April. I know I’m now going to see survival equipment ads for the next month or so, but I think it was worth clicking.



This is not how I remember Top of the Pops being. I’m fairly confident I would have remembered a topless All Saints.

Look after your music, kids.

Tweets I faved

this was mostly to remind me to go and check this out

I need to go and check this out too