Where I went today 19/02/16

OK, kids, lots to get through today. I only really recommend the Marina Hyde links. Oh, and the Bowie one is good, too.

Researching a link for my yesterday thing. This is complicated business.

check segments


I feel like this purple thing is the first anyone to set up any kind of conflict in this for months

Next time I train anyone on anything, I will attempt to include the instruction “grip it firmly” at least twice

bitter melon soup

Oh, yeah, I recommend this too

I don’t know what to look out for still

it’s gone again

I read the thread when it came around, this is still excellent

seems a bit thin, but you know

“premiere funk-metal band with socks on their penises” — guess who that is

spoiled by lots of Marina today


gotta check… actually, no, this was really slow

fuck me, 43 years in solitary

I kept getting surprised by the order these things came in


Did better on this than I did yesterday (that’s not much of a brag)

Tweets I faved

Tino, what the hell are you

And I thought I loved Courtney Barnett before I found out she’s a leftie (y’all do not know the pain)

please clap, obvs

jez > jeb!

Debbie Harry > ∞

[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinity because I couldn’t figure out how else to enter it; computers is difficults]

Also I finished How We Got To Now which was very interesting, if a bit short. Lots of very cool factlets, most of which I can’t remember right now, but will probably pop back into my head when I think about ice, or glass, or radio or something.