Where I went yesterday 18/05/16

#pub to watch the football, about which nothing further

Macho macho man

This seems… non-essential

that’s pretty awesome

Strong octopus theme emerging today. How do these look like baby deer when they have tentacles?

I may need to get this, although it seems odd to be releasing it while the days are so long. Doom feels to me like a winter game.

“flume”. Gosh.

Just to check that someone had made the comment “can we offer them more money not to reform” and found it, so I’m happy.

No comment on how any of this relates to the man-bun, which I can’t remember seeing recently (although I haven’t been to Shoreditch in a while)

Fuck the bridge

Looks nice enough, but it’s way too early to play with it :(

I’m confused by what’s going on here. Am I still allowed to cook my dinner?

yeah, sh

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