What I plan to write about in the next 2 weeks

I have started my new “write every day” process after I got back from vacation last week. I am at day 5 now, the first 4 days were done in French, see Écrire, to read the post that debuted this streak.

I am tired tonight and I am not too inspired, so I am going to pull out an old blogger trick (I used to blog a lot in the late ‘90s, early 2000). I am going to write about what I am going to wrire. This is easy, since you don’t actually have to think things thru, it’s really just a braindump. But it’s useful because it lays out ideas that you can refer to when you don’t know what to write but actually want to write (you can’t pull the same trick all the time, readers hate that, they should). It’s also sort of a commitment to write about these topics, since they are pre-announced.

This is ordered roughly in chronological order too, I have had these in my head for about a week.

That should keep me busy for two week, with enough slack to insert spur of the moment writing in between. I actually have to present/share on most of these topics at events or in meetings over the next weeks, so it’s really helpful for me to “type aloud” here on the network and share with you.

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